The cheapest PSP deal?

Found 4th Nov 2006
Hi i'm looking to buy a new psp where is the cheapest deal utilising deal/voucher/quidco type stuff?

Anyone find it cheaper than £145?

Thanks folks!

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£149 at currys.

email10 for 10% off

= £134

+ 3% quidco.

Approx £130 delivered.

Original Poster

Thanks but it's an abhorrent £6.99 for delivery aswell making it £141.98 delivered plus a few quid from quidco several months down the line, anyone know of a better deal! share your wisdom! :-D

for free delivery

Original Poster

doesn't work mate

get a pink one for a good deal and i will buy the P!nk UMD off ya for £10... thats if u like the pink ones lol

I bought the PSP base pack from Gamestation with Tekken: Resurrection (or whatever it's called) which was worth a 23 quid tradein - so I just handed Tekken straight back and bought two games of my choice. As long as Tekken still has this tradein value and there's something else you want from them, that brings the price down a bit

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