the coca cola advert

    Officially seen on 14/11/2010 at approx 19:50 During the first break of ITV1s X-Factor.



    You beat me to it!!!!!!!!!

    It's only November ffs

    Which channel?


    Which channel?

    ITV finished now though

    yay! i seen it! woop woop. bring it on. 41 sleeps to go!!!

    beat me to the post!

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    i guess that was the first showing of the year.

    you know its the countdown to christmas when you see that advert. i just got really excited eeeekk

    It's now officially Christmas time!!!!!!!!

    Ooooh I done a little wee, I was that excited!

    Hasn't the crap factor literally just started?

    That's obviously how they make announcing who is going home last an hour and a quarter, lots of adverts!!

    Glad I missed it tbh, far too early

    wooo i seen it toooo

    Oh I missed it, is it the old one with 'Holidays Are Coming' ?

    Whoo hoo! ITS CHRISTMAS! lol is it to soon to put the tree up? LOL

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    was it this … was it this ad?[url=][/url]

    Nooo... holidays are coming!


    Nooo... holidays are coming!

    wow! im chuffed bout that lol

    I love Christmas, but this year has flown by, now we are stuck in November and my god its dragging!!!
    The Ebay countdown seems to of been stuck on 40odd days left for what seems like weeks! lol

    I am so excited, just cant come quick enough. But hate after xmas when MOT and Tax due

    We just fast forwarding through to get to takethat (mum likes robbie!) And when we saw coke advert we had to rewind so we could watch! LOL

    Funny how many people ate bothered! Facebook got loads of people talking bout it too!

    Officially Xmas!
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