Posted 22nd Oct 2022 (Posted 6 h, 57 m ago)
So a few weeks ago I found about The Company Shop (for anyone that doesn't know, they stock excess or expiring stock from other shops) but I don't fully understand the pricing. As far as I'm aware, when the best by date is todays date, then the actual price is half of the sticker price? Do the items that expire today get cheaper than half price nearer to closing time? It seems that most items that aren't expiring on the day are actually nearly as expensive as normal shops? Not sure how to make the most of shopping here.
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    The whole place is a con. They claim it's a discounted shop for blue light holders. There's nothing special about it, it's all either out of date or if it's in date the same price elsewhere. Everywhere sells out of date stuff for cheap. They just make you think it's special cos you're supposed to work for 1 of the services to become a member.
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    You have to be very careful shopping at Company Shop , used to be really cheap but not any more. They often have under weight items , eg Pies and the bit that's underweight is the filling (best Bit) , you think you're getting a £1.20 pie for 80p then you find out the weight is down by 30% so not much of a bargain. Many items are around the regular shop price and some ex Waitrose stuff is more expensive .
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    Recently joined as I’d heard positive things about it, and a few negatives . I aim to go next week so I’ll make my own opinion.
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    It used to be cheaper but tbh unless you get lucky with the clearance stuff you can get most stuff cheaper in Aldi. I don't go often these days, I get bargains occasionally now, but more often than not I don't.
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