Found 13th Jan 2009
Did anyone buy and receive the Mens Weekend Bag red Leather from The Conran Shop for £28.75, deal posted about 4th January? I ordered 2 but haven't received any and they are not answering my emails. Hope it wasn't a con!!!!

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OP I didn't get bag but I did get an email with an apology today saying my money was being refunded. The shop did post on the original thread to say that over 200 were ordered with only 30 in stock lots of people were going to be disappointed.

I've had my order cancelled too.


You will not get the bag. Apparently they had 30 in stock and over 200 were ordered. They did not have the decency to tell me until I phoned to ask where it was. Asked why they had not E mailed the people who had ordered and they said that they were planning to. When??

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I ordered 2, they've taken my money but have not refunded. They don't answer emails and when you ring it's says their inbox is full. I wonder why!???? Don't touch this company with a barge pole!

Agree with previous posts, will never shop with Conran again. Ordered four items in the sale. All showed as in stock. They took the money from my credit card immediately I placed the order. Two weeks later, not heard anything, no sign of items. Then a delivery arrives - only two of my items. Ring to ask what happened to the other two - out of stock, I'm told. First I've heard of it. They've charged me for all four items two weeks before, and I had no communication from them at all after that, nothing to say that some items were out of stock, or even to let me know that two of my items were on their way. Got a refund for the two that were out of stock, but not until after the delivery of remaining two items But meantime they'd had my money, and I'd had to pay up front for them as my credit card bill fell due. It will take at least six weeks from the time of paying for the items for the credit to be set against what I owe on my credit card.

To add insult to injury, I only got the two smallest items, and was still charged a standard postage of £4.95. I had ordered four items to make the postage economical. I called them and pointed out that if they had bothered to let me know that two of the items were out of stock, I'd have added some more things to my order, to make the postage charge worthwhile. Really annoying, because they were showing loads of other things I would have liked on their website, and the items they told me were "out of stock" were still| "available" to buy a fair while after I placed my order.

This is really shabby business practic, taking your money for items they don't have, not telling you they are out of stock, just leaving you to find out on delivery, and keeping your money for two - three weeks before refunding it. I've read lots on HKUD about online sites that say something is in stock, but it's "out of stock" by the time you've checked out, but this is the first time I've come across a company charging you up front for something they don't have in stock, and hanging on to your money for several weeks.

Rubbish service, won't use them again.
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