The conservatives are pulling out all the stops now!

Found 3rd Mar 2010
Unbelievable! Dogs just went mental cos someone was at the door-now,we live in the middle of absolutely nowhere-not another house for at least a mile and up a farm track-I didnt even have the outside lights on because all the kids are home.

And heres the local conservative candidate wanting to tell me how "david cameron is going to fix our broken society"

not an anti tory rant btw-just utterly astonished that they would come this far afield-spose you have to take your hat off to him. Had to laugh as he was clearly pretending to like dogs as the dalmation planted its muddy paws on his nice suit!

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I would have set the dogs on him


I would have made sure that my door knocker was imprinted on his forehead.


After all that effort i'd have made him a cup of tea. :-D


For fun i'd have said 'Release the hounds' as he was leaving.

May have felt safer visiting one remote home in the time he could visit ten on an estate somewhere. This is broken Britain after all.


maybe he was checking for foxes, the tories will bring back fox hunting won't they (not that its ever gone away)
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