The 'Constructive Criticism' thread

Thought it may be useful to have a thread detailing things people like, or dislike about the new design, away from all of the semi-worthless 'I hate it!' comments.

I don't think the design is fundamentally that bad, however, any sort of change to a popular site is going to be met with a fairly substantial backlash, and it doesn't help when a new design has a confusing layout. To be honest, I'm still open to the possibility that in a week or two everyone will love the new site, but for now I think the navigation needs a little work at least to help speed up the transition. The actual design is an improvement, functionality not so much.

Just a few suggestions that might help the site look and feel slightly better:
1) Clearly mark 'discussion' and 'deals' at the top where it says all, deals, vouchers etc.
2) Add a bit of margin to the links between discussion pages, at the moment it looks like we're on page 678 since there's no gap at all, also is there anyway to view the total number of pages on a thread whilst reading it? Kinda like 1, 2, 3... 8
3) The post box is still icky like it was before, it was by far the weakest part of the site and it's a shame that it's the only thing that's carried on from the old design - Firefox's spell checker doesn't seem to like it either.
4) Little if statement so when you switch to 'text view' you can easily and quickly change back from the same kind of area.
5) Make it easier to differentiate between the original post and the other posts, since it's now visible on each page of the discussion.
6) Small fonts can look nice, but this just looks a little muddled - any chance of making it either very slightly bigger, or adding a slightly larger line-height and letter-spacing?
7) Anyway to view deals in full detail, with pictures and descriptions, but forum topics just as a listing, like before? At the moment changing the view option changes it for both.
Any reason a category is required for creating a thread topic just like this?

On a side note, please consider that:
- To change from 'text only' mode use the 'full view' option situated in the top left, under the categories.
- It's broke in Firefox!? - It isn't. Hold down ctrl and press F5.


Admin has aleady set up a thread. :thumbsup:

i agree, i'm hoping that with time the navigation will prove to be alot better than the old site, but there are some things that need changing:

"2) Add a bit of margin to the links between discussion pages, at the moment it looks like we're on page 678 since there's no gap at all, also is there anyway to view the total number of pages on a thread whilst reading it? Kinda like 1, 2, 3... 8"

in addition can this be made so it doesnt look really ugly

also can the control panel, user name, message thing at the top right of the page be made to look nicer cause at the minute it looks rubbish

can i have the link please saint i cant seem to find it

Original Poster

Apologies, and thanks Mike - someone can lock this thread now ;p

Hmm, I would've liked to have posted a deal, which i could have done on the old site in less than 5 minutes.

I've been trying to start a new post for 10 minutes now and still have no idea how to do it. It keeps denying me access and asks me to log in. Which i already am or i wouldn't be posting here.

I found the old site a walk in the park. It took no time to navigate due to its simplicity.

Where the hell are the vouchers. I can't just pop onto the alphabetically listed stores and pick out what i want. I have to trawl through god knows how many for sales, musings etc etc and still a big fat zero.

Maybe it would've been more widely accepted if it hadn't been so close to christmas when people weren't already stretched and had a little more time to navigate round. I found myself giving up last night and again earlier this morning.

Change is good, but gradual change is more easily accepted. It looks like this has been thrown together overnight!

site is down more than its available what a crying shame, i loved this site now its an absolute shambles

I have to say, I think the new site looks pants...and what a time to do it, why not wait until the new year at least, peeps are still looking for christmas present bargains and the site seems to be down more than it's up!!!'re ruining an utter gem, some people always have to meddle don't they!!!

me too - I can't post a new deal!! This is terrible, really terrible. I remember when the bbc made similar changes to their forums and they lost 80-90% of users within a month,,,, what will happen here? It will be interesting to see! I predict the same loss of users.

totally agree it not a good time for change were under enough stress, please change back till after the january sales or im not going to get any bargains

Can i suggest that if you have a deal that you cant post here you go over to [url][/url] and post it there.


First impressions are its an improvement. I neve liked sifting throughs "deals" Ive got no interest in, but I cant help but says its now been over complicated. For instance, I'm looking for micro SD memory - but have seen this posted in the mobile section. Seems there are 4 places it could be put - so now you would have to look through 4 forums instead of one. Thats not an improvement.

The previous design was simple and easy to use. It did need tweaking, but this has gone a bit too far IMHO and its for the worse. I dont use MSE because its so difficult to find things - and despite comments that HUKD didnt want to look that that site, thats exactly whats happened.

I doubt I will be using as much as I have been.
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