The Crystal Maze

Found 16th Dec 2009
Damn I wish they'd bring it back, with Richard O' Brian and Mumsy of course.

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I just loved that programme!!!! It was repeated couple of years back on some channel on Sky and my son loved it too!

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despite the cr*p prizes when someone actually won

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Its on now on Challenge, its on every day before Takeshis castle, another classic

when i was a kid we used to always play this at our local superbowl loved it

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Its got one of those theme tunes you never forget !…oa0

Yeah, i liked it, but they always had utter posh ***** on that game.

Id like to see chavs on it now, with their tracksuits and baseball caps, so i can laugh at them. Maybe have games where the crystal is hidden inside a cars glove box, and the chav has to break in blindfolded. Or maybe the crystal is inside a 2 bed bungalow, and they have 3 mins to pick the lock, knock mumsy over the head and ransack her knicker drawer?.

We could do with a good comedy.

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Not a bad idea, if they get locked in they could do six months in a borstal, channel 4 coud then recycle it as their next ****** reality show.

ahh its just funny when they complete the puzzle, and then go where the crystal?!?

then everyone shouts and the person gets locked in. lol
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