The CUBE. Discussion thread.

    Does anybody else here watch this? Series 3 starts at 7pm

    Will anybody beat it this time around?


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    Miles off with 41 I counted 29

    think shes gonna fluff this one

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    I think this next game looks cake lol.

    Should get it within first 2


    Not one ok too

    *Next one even

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    She made that look easy. Gunna have to go for it with a simplify and all! She's been impressive

    she'll walk away now.. wouldnt risk 50k

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    Yeah can't blame her. You have to feel no one will ever beat it.

    he needs to pull in his core to help him balance

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    Never guna do this. Time to simplify me feels


    Never guna do this. Time to simplify me feels

    it'll take too long for him to diet, bigger feet might help !

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    Smaller feet wouldn't benefit more wouldn't they? Lol I dunno.

    I dont like this game

    he needed bigger balls !

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    Haha shocking. Should have nailed that after 6 shots.

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