The Currys Laptop Offer

Found 26th Dec 2007
Just wondering which laptop i should buy, out of the following two offers available at currys.



Please bear in mind that i have a friend who will get me 10% off.
So the HP would be 450 pounds and the Toshiba 360 pounds.

Would really appreciate any recommendations on which one to buy...or suggestions on better deals.

Thank you

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Unless you need the 17" screen, I'd go for the Toshiba
Thanx social lurker...not really fussed about the 17''

The only thing that still makes me a little indecisive is the processor !

Toshiba = Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor T2310 (1.46 GHz, 533 MHz FSB, 1 MB Cache)
HP = AMD Athlon 64x2 Processor TK55 (1.80 GHz, 1600 MHz FSB, 2 MB Cache)

Does anyone have any tech knowledge in helping me make my decision, what processor would you expect from a 500 pound machine? (much appreciated)

The only thing that still makes me a little indecisive is the processor

AM in exactly the same situation! I went in town and looked online and have shortlisted it for the same two @ currys!

even though am not a fan of the pc world/currys group... the offer is still good!

Still unsure, but will be forced to make up my mind up by tomorow!

proberly going for toshiba as its more portable and cheaper, even though HP has got a better processor!

I will let you know what I end up with tomorow!
If theyre both running vista you really want the fastest processor and most RAM you can possibly get, vista gobbles it up!

Try and get xp if you can get over the fact its not as pretty as vista
nah I am after vista! I can always downgrade it my self if it is slow!

but its got 2gb RAM and intel dual core processor so its not bad really on speed!
I'm not an expert (and will stand to be corrected) but I believe that currently the Intel Dual Core chips are better performers than the AMD equivalent.

If you're going into a shop though, look for the welcome screen on Vista as it has a rating on it over a few different factors, so you can easily see what shortcomings if any each laptop has
O yeah SAGS.... check out the fujitsu siemen range @ ebuyer as i am considering item number: 133385
Hey Dude

Definately Go for the HP it Offers you the best package by a mile. i cant believe that you really asking this !
The HP has a Fantastic FSB speed of 1600 mhz, and the AMD processor is alot better than the really old intel Pentium dual core T2310 processor. if you want to match the AMD processor you need to be looking at intel T7200 and above. the intel t2300's are ****!!!!!!

please take my advise you will regret buying the toshiba even if it is cheaper .
Thanks Lethal,
The Fujitsu laptop looks decent with a few more added perks, however the processor worries me again and am not too sure about Fujitsu making laptops. (Although i'm pretty clueless on laptops!)

Thanks CMF, i will most likely purchase the HP based on your advice.
hello again

just looked at the fulitsu on ebuyer dont this !!!
the hp at currys is miles ahead of this toy. to be honest with you i really cant believe that currys are giving you this deal, i just bought a £1100 laptop 3 months ago and even im thinking about buy the HP(such is the quality of this product).

all i can say that you better be but this online tonight coz dont think it will be on the by self tomorrow afternoon

cheers sagz
all the best
After reconsidering, and then carefull reconsidering again. I have ordered the fujitsu siemen (Number: 133387) @ ebuyer for 499.99 + £12 next day delivery!

I cant wait now until I get it!
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