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A daily quote - did they really say that ???

And ........... a daily natter of all manner of stuff !!

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I am here.

Happy new year suze x x

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I am here.Happy new year suze x x

Happy new year, all the best for 2011 xxx

Should have kept away from the babycham Suze ...what were you thinking??
Not to worry - you 'll be right as rain within several days. A Happy New Year to you.

I haven't done much today either - 'did' the kitchen, of course, walked the dog and had a therapeutic session of cutting up ash prunings for kindling. Grey but dry so that was good.


Here's a good start to 2011 (more of a question than a quote but it's … Here's a good start to 2011 (more of a question than a quote but it's still good):is Natwest bank open today? (New Years Day 2011)(Or am I missing the point of the thread?)

Aww...bless. Not everyone would know it was a bank holiday, today. There's another one on Monday isn't there? Holiday after holiday.

Suze generally does all the hard work of doing the quotes and sayings, but don't let on!! Sssshhhh .... and don't be put off from supplying more.

It's no exaggeration to say that the undecideds could go one way or … It's no exaggeration to say that the undecideds could go one way or another - George H. W. Bush 1988

I like it ( or do I really?) hehe!


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oooh here we are!

Well done kippy!!
Morning all.

It's another grey day here, but as my rotary clothes line won't be replaced for some while, it's indoor drying anyway. There are heaps of laundry all over the house - I seem to have fallen behind.

Hubby is traipsing off to the supermarket - we have run out of important stuff like Bran Flakes. I definitely must be busy around the house and generally 'doing'.

I still feel quite wobbly - perhaps I have eaten too many choccies? I will have fruit and water aplenty today.

These holidays seem never ending. We had some idea of a Chinese take away as a treat last night and
the one 8 miles away was shut ... Saturday night!!

Have a good day all xxxxx



Hubby is traipsing off to the supermarket

I haven't heard that term in at least 20 years!X)

Happy new year everyone.


I haven't heard that term in at least 20 years!X)

lol ... my vocabulary is wide as the oceans are deep.

good morning, err afternoon everyone - dlm, deek, guv, and the usual crowd. just woke up, was awake till 3.30am not funny but was unable to shut down. have 1 more day to attempt at normal hours heh.

i've changed my avvy too. not sure about resolutions, have a few things to tickoff the list that are not 'duties'. travel to visit either for my sister's wedding (that's diminishing, as my dad has said to save money instead ... that's me off the hook for awkward weddings). my good friend in NY has invited us in the summer when they move to a bigger place. there's also the france trip for the OH to experience monet gardens.

the OH wants to go to AllSaints to catch the last of the sale, i have had people around me am allergic to the species today so feel i need to catch up on paperwork and stay quiet at home, before tuesday starting work for the new year. i'd organised a work lunch for the team on that day so we can kick off the new year.

Where's Hotto ???

Present Ma'am ! (sheesh, you can't get 5 mins peace nowadays. (_;) )

Happy New Year all, looking forward to another year of quotes, moans and groans and general light hearted cyber banter.

First spooky moment of the year has been the banter around the word traipsing. I was watching the delightful, well nearly delightful, Golden Compass and the word "traipse" came to mind during a particular nautical scene. Why ? Well it suddenly occurred to me that traipse is an anagram of pirates and I had , or had I, mixed the two up ??
I came on here and found the traipsing reference...................................

New Year, any I have made in the past were never kept so I don't bother anymore.

I have made a resolution thej, to cut down a bit on my alcohol intake

With your social life Suze ?? Good luck to you the

" That the automobile has practically reached the limit of its … " That the automobile has practically reached the limit of its development is suggested by the fact that during the past year no improvements of a radical nature have been introduced " Scientic American ( Jan 2 edition 1909 )

Scary daily quote that especially from a Science magazine ?

Babycham, my Mum used to drink Babycham and on special occasions would add Brandy to it, Yuck !

It's a vile grey nothingness of a day outside, only seen through parted curtains and that's the way it will stay.

Take care folks

Also an anagram of 'spat ire'!!
No I am in a good mood.
Pirates do quite a lot of traipsing I believe.

I certainly have no resolutions, except the usual ones I mutter on a daily basis - don't lose your temper, get the house clean, get out into the garden! I think you'll find it quite easy to cut down on the alcohol (Suze - it's the festive period that is one non-stop tipple! Well not me this time, but usually.) I never stick to anything I resolve to do either thej.

Your planned travels sound good, kippy . We are thinking of Monet's garden as well. If we were in London, we would eurostar I think.
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And of course for the Scottish contingent......................

tea rips !

Hmmm, maybe that should read Scots/Aussie contingent ?

no resolutions, except the usual ones I mutter on a daily basis

Big smiles here ! Nice quote chesso.

Sea trip
Glad to bring a smile to the face hottoshop.

I have just eaten far too much chicken pie - made by DIL and very tasty. Perhaps I should have some resolutions after all.

Hope L&J are hosting well, Suze. Buffet - I would like some little crab thingies.

I have had the tumble drier and washer on virtually all day - criminal use of electricity. They are beeping at me this very minute.

one laundry wash, the OH back from shopping.

am reconciling some accounts paperwork, notably my P60 and some queries. nearer to my target (tax to pay jan 2010, refuse to pay an accountant of course) and i'm suffering now due to OH's strict rules about me not working on anything during holidays.

i did manage to de-clutter the clothes cupboard (my clothes) and within it, the toiletry supplies boxes. the OH has been adamant not to look at any of it (a case of out of sight out of mind). i also managed to do a few shelves and rid of diaries/sketchbooks to keep/throw (box into attic). and organised my paperwork (finances, receipts etc) into manageable bundles in folders - to be tackled at a later point. in the process discovered a couple savings accounts that i'd forgotten about ...

back to my accounts. ope to do enough so i can watch a movie.

Sea trip ..............

most definitely

pastier !

I've lost my bearings in this thread


I've lost my bearings in this thread


step air
rat pies

I may have had one coffee too many!
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Rat pies ? You'll be needing A Priest !

Evening thej

I think we are trying to prove that traipse can be mare anagrammatic than any other 7 letter word ??

ps. Irate

How's everyone thej ? Has the lass come down off Santa's cloud nine yet ?

Good stuff mate, going back to work is not so fine though.

Take no notice of my whinging

ooops, sorry, got distracted.

Yes I am thej, ages since I updated R's photo album, I haven't forgotten her just nothing suitable I'm afraid so can't wait to get some new born lambs and hopefully bump into Lucky.
Tell R I still have the koala at the ready !!

groan ... i've just emerged from the hill of accounts paperwork. did not get to movie. done all i can for tonight and will leave some for tomorrow. need to get to bed and regulate my sleeping patterns, so am having a cuppa tea and chocs, checking emails before switching off. hehehe.


Pirates do quite a lot of traipsing I believe.

Yeah they do. And they like the odd piastre (have I got it?)


Yeah they do. And they like the odd piastre (have I got it?)

You've got it Deek and a first rate you've got it as well !

Start the parties, by George he's got it.

sea trip - ok it's two words ...
air pest
art pies
ar$e pit
ears tip
east rip
a esprit
ire spat
parse it
pea stir
pear sit
pi stare
set pair
spare it
star pie
as tripe
a stripe

suze - you must let us know how you get on with the new halogen oven. i am intrigued.

working day tomorrow *groan. time to get to bed. night night all.

oh my word, i hadnt slept well at all last night. for some reason i had an incessant itch - maybe it's the washing powder/ariel gel we used the last couple days. the kind of itch that is not itchy just annoying, like a runaway thread type of itch. urgh lol.

anyways, we went for the team lunch and that was quite nice.

work was a little mad, loads to do. meetings to set up etc. and of course i am zombified. which didnt help. had to leave just after 6pm, early night methinks!

Evening folks,

John Motson for the Quote ? We have a GB diary for a change, hooray !!

I cooked a beef stew for our evening meal, wasn't bad but I think I would have preferred your S & K pie Suze

Managed to get up to a very messy and murky farm yesterday where we were lucky enough to witness a couple of lambs being born. Not the best time of year though for ooh's and aah's !
First "double" of the year. (cleaned up)

And guess who we found wandering around like she owned the place !

Yep, a very mature Lucky who has been spared the trials of lambing this year as they think she may not be strong enough to cope.

good for Lucky!

peter knob-le has selective amnesia, excuse my french. assuming he drank drive and caused the accident of course.

itching has stopped (for now).

just back from work, having a bit of a food.

lol - i was just telling someone about the new film - The King's Spinach.

then realised i meant The King's Speech, oops.

Original Poster

Hehehehe !!!!!!!!!!!!

King's Spinach !!! Kippy at her best ! Classic ! Love it xxxx

does my avatar look too twilight-y?

the OH is out at dinner with old friend/colleague, with a couple of those Tesco tokens I exchanged before christmas. me not impressed the OH decided last minute (basically it's due to missing lunch at work on the job so had a dinner) and i didnt get an invite - effort on my behalf on the vouchers though!

i am tired. still not sleeping well at night, knackered.

Original Poster

It does look twilight-y, is that bad ?

Awwww I hope you get a better nights sleep Kippy.

watched 'I Love You Philip Morris'. it had Jim Carey and Ewan McGregor. i thought EMG was v good in it, he is so cute in it! Jim Carey - cant help seeing his contortionist face so took a lot of effort to pull back. he did well, he was exceptional in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. i was pleasantly surprised i enjoyed the film.

hmm wondering if i should do my eyes that dark. probably not.

actually i'll look like i'm wearing glasses again LOL.

Evening All
You poor workers – back in the slave caves. Another day – another dollar!

We’re back – well we got back late night but I have been busy, busy today.
It’s my baby boy’s birthday tomorrow – he’ll be 29, so I have been shutting down Christmas, scuttling through the house and winding up towards Birthday! I still have to wrap presents though.

Well done L on the buffet. Southern Comfort – not a cheap tipple – get them into babycham instead Suze – it packs a punch.

The halogen oven is a star buy then; I still don’t have any room for it. In fact I did buy a pie-maker but I will give it to DIL for her birthday (day after tomorrow) as I have no room for that either!!

We watched the second part of Silent Witness, Suze; it didn’t matter much that we had missed the first part and it was on at my sister’s, so we gave it a go. I think that a series is getting a bit desperate if they build story lines around the protagonists rather than have them as the investigatory outsiders. I don’t know if we’ll bother watching any more of the series. We are looking forwards to the return of Being Human though.

Did you get snow today Suze?
There was quite a sprinkling we noticed as we were going north on Monday – a real swathe in fact form home to around Gloucester way. Lancaster was grey and almost drizzly and very cold! The B&B was OK but the room was much too small and the bed wasn’t very good – you could feel and hear the springs. The landlord was quite put out and said that it was only a year old. I thought to myself that it could well have been under some stress in that time but I just said that he could sleep the night on it, when he said he’d have a look.

We missed the binnies while away, so we have about 3 weeks worth of bins and the recycling hasn’t been for a month– thank goodness for the outside store (and the garage and the shed).

Good to see that you finally got to the farm hottoshop. Lucky is living up to her name. The twin pic is so sweet.

Lucky teacher as well, thej, to walk away from the crash. I must say it’s been a while since we have been on the M5/M6 so the number of accidents along the way was something of a shock. The most ironic was the black car with the front smashed in and the guy talking to the cops, under the sign for Accident Blackspot. The journeys were horrible actually – masses of traffic and so much spray from the lorries on the way down yesterday that, at times, you couldn’t see anything at all. Quite a few people who were of the jaguar owner type!

Good word-smithing kippy. I am not very keen on the new avatar, I’m sorry. I don’t feel that it captures your fun and brightness.

I made a vat of chilli for tea so I am really feeling very stuffed with over-eating.
Have a good evening xxxx

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