The dalmation is out sledging-it seriously needs help!

    Im sitting here snug and warm and in the field across the way there is the stupidest animal alive wearing a scarf and a bobble hat going down the hill on a sled,jumping off at the bottom and then waiting for mrs barky and the kids to pull the sled to the top again and give it a push.

    She has ruined that animal-it isnt normal.


    :lol: brilliant !

    Go get some pics

    You can't start a thread like this and not include pictures dude!

    This thread fails with out pictures.


    Yeah, we need picks....or even better a short video lol

    Come on pics lol

    Original Poster

    daughter has her mobile with her so Im sure she will be taking pics-there is no way Im going out in the cold again-Ive only just got all snug and toasty after making snowmen in the garden earlier.

    And today would be nice :whistling:

    You have one MAD doggy!!!

    And you defo gotta put some pics up!!!

    I thihk you should be maximising the dalmatian's potential as an animal actor :thumbsup: :-D

    my thinks barky has a soft spot for the mutt really
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