The death of games consoles coming soon!

Is this going to work?

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(£9.99) subscription fee each month + cost of games

thumbs down from me

Not a chance. Plus consoles have a load of other features like Blu-Ray etc.

look at retro consoles like the nes etc and even older they are still sought after i know coz we collect them

and if you dont like a game you canjust sell it or trade it


and the games will look strangely like nes knock offs....

quite costly, wouldnt commit just yet, would prefer to see how it goes methinks

On Live's been in production for ages. There was a beta a few months ago, and they said it had poor frame rates, and the loading times took forever. Also, theres the cost of the thing, so many servers etc. And the strain that this will put on ISP's, forcing them to upgrade. Its far too many knockon effects to warrant the death of the actual games console


never with that thing...... more likely to be a ps4 chip in a sony bravia 3D tv or somat daft that will do it


great for the future but not now....

any spec computer being able to play high spec games, great idea, but not there tech wise yet
also needs better net speeds

Hate paying subscriptions, and for that reason im out

woah, did you have to blow the dust off that article before posting on here, I got told about om live over a year ago, and although its a good idea, it very doubtful it will work


Considering no one here seems to pay for their games, it's going to get a big thumbs down from most people here.

they are wasting their time and cash with this, it will not take off.

Not going to work if, like me, you get awful speeds courtesy of your fluctuating ADSL connection / a crap ISP / both.

I guess you'll be OK on a fibre optic connection (if throttling doesn't kick in) but otherwise.. lag ahoy!

Oh, and the whole play on low spec PCs surely can't be right. You must need a half decent gfx card to display the HD (if it's even HD) 'video' being streamed to you?
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