The difference between platinum games and normal ones

Found 30th Jul 2008
I was wondering why platinum games are so cheap, please reply
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well because when they are brought out they are not brand new games and are also less valuable because they are not the original copies if you get me, collectors are less interested
They tend to be released at a cheaper price than the original. The disk has platinum on it.. Normally come out a year after originals.
Platinum games are an attempt to make money from a game that was probably released a while back, generally popular titles are chosen. They have new platinum branded labelling on both the cover and the disc itself which makes them less desirable plus it takes a while before games are launched as platinum. As for the game itself, it's exactly the same.

is in it Platinum because of number of copies been sold??? Like CD's???
To become a Platinum release it was required that a game have over 400,000 total worldwide sales after generally one year on the market[1] (PAL region sales in particular; games that sell over 400,000 units in another region alone, such as Japan or the U.S., do not necessarily qualify for a Platinum title).

For PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable releases, there is no specific target required to achieve Platinum status as indicated by SCEE Press Releases and the discrepancies between the Platinum status of specific titles and their chart performance.

After reaching the required level of sales, Sony often dropped the prices of the original title to Platinum pricing levels (generally about half of the original retail price), as a way to clear inventory for retailers
I think its because like a zillion copies have been sold. So therefore the original costs of creating and developing game have well and truly been recovered. So they can sell the game more cheaply and still make profit. IDK maybe clause in developers contratc they only get commision for first zillion copies or something.
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