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Found 8th Jun 2010

I'm just wondering if someone could help me quickly. Myself and my house mate were disputing our deposit from the last place we lived in. As the agent, ourselves and the landlord could not agree who was responsible, we took the case to The Dispute Service (TDS). I believe this like the deposit scheme, although I'm not sure if these people hold the money or are just there to settle disputes.

Anyway, the case is now closed and I have just checked now. Their office is not open, so wondered if anyone knew if we had won our claim from the info below so I can find out tonight. The most important is "payments for issuing" - not sure if this is for tenant or landlord. Any help is MUCH appreciated!

4th Jun 2010 Case Closed
4th Jun 2010 Letter: Adjudicator Report - Tenant
4th Jun 2010 Letter: Adjudicator Report - Landlord
4th Jun 2010 Letter: Adjudicator Report - Agent
4th Jun 2010 Payments for Issuing
1st Jun 2010 Reports for Issuing
28th May 2010 Sent to Adj
26th May 2010 Pre-Adj Review Complete
26th May 2010 Case set to abb
7th May 2010 Awaiting Pre-Adj Review
5th May 2010 Sent to scanning
16th Apr 2010 Letter: Request for information - Tenant
16th Apr 2010 Letter: Request for information - Landlord
16th Apr 2010 Letter: Thank You - Agent Notification
16th Apr 2010 Awaiting Full Responses
16th Apr 2010 Dispute Accepted
16th Apr 2010 Notification Receive
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Nothing concrete that I can decipher from this, perhaps you'll either need to call them in the morning or wait until you get the letter they sent out on 04/06/10.
Okay thanks anyway, just thought there may be something in that gives it away.
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