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They make nice pineapple rings.

Edit: You changed the title!

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They make nice pineapple rings.Edit: You changed the title!

LOL yup

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helps keep pubs open!



helps keep pubs open!

Too true!!!


Unemployed and in receipt of state benefit.


In the UK, Unemployment Benefit has been known by the slang term 'the dole' since WWI. This derives from the 'doling out', i.e. 'handing out' of charitable gifts of food or money. This dates back to at least 1919, when it was recorded in The Daily Mail:

"You won't draw your out-of-work dole of 29s. this week."


3 words can o' worms!

dole may refer to;

A gift of food or money in charity distributed or doled out; specifically, various kinds of payments made from government funds, such as:
the 'grain dole' or 'corn dole' of Ancient Rome
Jobseeker's Allowance in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia.
unemployment benefits or welfare generally
Department of Labor and Employment (Philippines)
Dole Food Company
Dôle, a blend style of Swiss wine from the Valais

[edit] Places
Dole, Jura, a commune in the Jura département in France
La Dôle, a mountain in Switzerland
Dole, Nepal, a village in Nepal
Dole, Ceredigion, a hamlet in Ceredigion, Wales

[edit] People
Bob Dole
Elizabeth Dole
James Dole
Mary Phylinda Dole
Sanford B. Dole
Vincent Dole

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Sorry don't get it

well it didnt do UB40 any harm


well it didnt do UB40 any harm

your gonna confuse jonny with that one......:whistling:


is for scroungers and those who are inbetween jobs

op - what is your opinion?
like everything in life it's a good idea but it's also abused.

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op - what is your opinion?like everything in life it's a good idea but … op - what is your opinion?like everything in life it's a good idea but it's also abused.

Its a great thing for those that actually need it especially atm

But over here especially about 75% of people on it are just chavs

I think they need to half it

for the people who actually use it to benefit themselves while looking for a job its a great resourse

but apart from that its full of drunk or high losers who have no life and dont want to do anything to help better themselves....

i was on it for about 2months after working in american and it was the worst time of my life...i was sooooo embarresed having to sit with the junkies it was sweet relief when sum1 normal would come in and i would think wow at least every1 doesnt just use this place like a piggybank
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