the ebay/ebayoyo/paypal con

ebay advised me to purchase dvds from ebayoyo then when i went to sell one on ebay they suspended my account no warning . ebayoyo then sent me copies when i claimed through paypal i got a refund then when i ordered some uk dvds they didnt send the complete order saying ild already had enough of them and paypal say they cant do anything as a package was delivered even though there should have been 3 packages



ebay advised you to buy them?
never known them do that before.


ebay advised you to buy them?never known them do that before.

Me neither, must be another one of their improvements :lol:

I don't see why ebay would advise you to buy from an external website that has nothing to do with them =/

And they must have given a reason if they have suspended your ebay account?

Who did you buy the UK dvds from?

I think you mean a certain ebay seller recommended you to buy (a tv boxset?) from there? Possibly after you used the ask seller a question feature?

would you have received the recommendation via email?... could possibly be phoney...
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