The Electronics Corp., Liverpool

    Hi All.

    Anyone had any dealings with this company/any knowledge of?…out

    Company Name TheElectronicsCorp
    Company Address Derby Square , Liverpool , Merseyside , L2 9XW

    Thanks in advance.


    this looks really dodgy that area in liverpool is mainly offices and why is it in dollers???

    well they dont have a shop, lol, as their address is for around the law courts in liverpool (there are 2 sides of offices by the court yard outside the courts

    other than that I have never heared of them

    well theres a bank and theres a pub but apart from that its all pretty dead!!!!!

    I work near there and have never heard of them, sounds dodgy to me, stear clear

    The telephone number on the website is also not correct!!

    Suggest you steer well clear - I did despite the very attractive product costs

    Hi I actually stupidly ordered from this site and although I received an email when I logged on to suddenly no-one is answering emails re my order and yep the phone number doesn't exsist!! Going to check that no monies have been taken off my credit card now!! -

    hi all,

    i stupidly bought an ipod from this website cause it was cheap n cheerful but 4 weeks later i still havent recieved it and ive tried to contact them and no reply at all now i real;ise its a dodgy company and am worried that they might take more money of my card has this happened to anyone else or has the money 4 the item yu bought just been taken off and nothing since???

    im really confused and worried as this has never happened to me before
    can someone help me out?


    Same experience here.

    No response for 2 weeks. HOWEVER mystery charge for a different amount charged to my card via ClickandBuy (legit company). Now being investigated by Amex fraud dept.

    I would inform your CC company asap and check for any unexpected charges via clickandbuy or similar intermediate payment agents.

    I suggest you post this over here:…ers

    They will help you claim your money back and they'll go out of their way to track down whoever's behind the company and alert the proper authorities.

    If people are starting to get mystery charges then I suggest anyone who's purchased from this company alerts their card company and has a new card issued ASAP.

    Hi, i ordered a sound card from here, and have now seen this thread after suspicions with the company! Do they take the money for the product straight away?
    I haven't had time to check my bank yet, any news on other peoples problems?
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