The feedback system

    Having just left feedback for a someone on here, I read some of the other comments for them and the majority started out like this.

    Sorry this isnt the right the thread, item received blah blah blah

    Now I had to trawl through a lot of titles to find the one I wanted and it is either lazyness that they dont want to search for it or genuienly cant find it, like I have once or twice before so try to find something similar.

    So why cant they (be it Mod or whoever) just link the title when you click to leave feedback from the original post from where you bought or sold your item from, save a bit of bother I think.


    I agree, a lot of it is laziness but there should be a simpler way to do it!

    agree, horrendous system, sometimes I cant even find the thread and put feedback next to another item

    It's often when they have sold several items and the allocation for feedback for that thread is reached.

    agreed, but this should be in the feedback section

    Original Poster


    agreed, but this should be in the feedback section

    Yeh, sorry it should be probably, wont let me do it needs a MOD to do it.
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