The first Christmas in Japan...

    OK, have'nt seen this story make the rounds this year, so I thought I'd share it with you all.
    This is supposed to be true, but I really don't know (but I hope it is).

    Back in the late 60s the business's in Japan noticed that they were losing out at the end of December, as Christmas wasn't celebrated over there not being a Christen country.
    So all the business leaders get together about October and decide to get one of their number to find out everything they need to have a real Christmas in one of their biggest malls.

    The guys do their research and get everything ready.

    The malls closed for 4 days while they get it rigged out and no ones allowed in part from the team getting it ready.

    The day arrives and the leaders from all the business gather outside with the ambassadors of all the western nations and they all get let in and shown all the trimming and the huge Christmas trees and lights that cover every part of the inside of the building.

    Their all brought to the centre of the place and all the ambassadors stare in horror not knowing what to say, because there the middle of the place is the biggest stuffed Santa you've ever seen... nailed to a cross. . .


    :giggle: Should have asked Abby National...…7HA

    Jesus and Santa - Similar? Both have beards etc etc

    More info ]here Dosn't look like its true though
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