It's all a load of old cobblers.

Enjoyable to the last.


Think the X Factor has had it day - its all a big moneymaking exercise by Simon Cowell and since he's the boss he can do what he likes, who's going to stop him? Everyone still watches it despite all the "fixes" etc. I don't watch it live anymore, its Sky+ so I can fast forward most of it lol.

tbh,I only ever used to watch the audition stages and then stop when it got to the live shows cos they are crap.I did watch the live ones this year tho just for the entertainment that was wagner,but wont be watching anymore.

altho nobody much seems to have watched it,the sky one show "must be the music" was a MILLION times better-most acts performed their own songs,could actually play instruments and these people were genuinely talented.

xfactor is a karaokefest


its crap now with the live auditions and cowell is way too nice since hes been in lurve! His sarky comments were the best bit,

hate the way he keeps biggin up same direction who arent really that good anyway
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