The Freebie anti-malware mega-thread - please add your recommendations - I'll start with Spybot - Search & Destroy

Could all end in tears I suppose. Had a few disaster threads

The idea here is to mention the Freebie anti-malware apps you like - with a link & a reason or description.

All I will briefly say about this oldie but a goldie is that the company is 100% trustworthy, the app works great and will deal with most threats same as (paid) McAfee.

Can you point me to a better Freebie?



Avira Free. No bloat. Does the job.
MalwareBytes Anti-Malware. Scan on demand.


I always use the free version of Malwarebytes - - It always seems to find malware that others miss, but I have also used Spybot and Ad-Aware in the past and found them to be good

I use the Avira free as an anti-virus currently, but have used Kaspersky and AVG in the past (Kaspersky is free for Barclays customers)
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Adwcleaner, quick and dirty scanner (powered by MWB now)
tfc and ccleaner
ESET online AV (bit faffy)

IObit Malware Fighter
- performs both scans, and real-time detection.
- regular database updates (free version notifies when they available, paid version does the updating automatically)
- in my exp. these AV things all detect some things that others don't, and vice versa, so ultimately you "pay your money" (or not!) and take your choice, but the above regularity of database updates is something i find reassuring.

IObit have got a whole range of tools (some in free versions, others paid for), and most of these are accessible from their 'Advanced System Care' tool (currently v10), which essentially acts as a skin/holdall for bringing all them together (this also available in free/paid versions).
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Sophos Home. Free, but account creation required. Particularly good when installing for friends/family that are technophobes as it will never bother them.

Malwarebytes, as others have suggested.

AdGuard browser extension. I use this, but uBlock Origin is very popular. Blocks ads and dodgy sites if you happen to click on links. Can also select to block annoying elements on websites, such as Facebook comment boxes that have spoilers on TV streaming sites. You'll want to disable protection on cashback sites.

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Windows Defender (Microsoft Security Essentials)
Only because I know which sites to use and which to avoid and where or what to download
And after running the first scan adding specific folders/files and known applications to exclusions means it takes little processing and only takes 10 - 15 mins to run a scan
^^^^^hint ^^^^^
Once you've scanned a file for virus there is zero necessity to re-scan the same file every scan time

I also use Malwarebytes (free version) on the rare occasion something crops up (and when I say rare the last time was about 3-4 years ago but you never know )
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It's difficult to get an honest opinion as to what's the best due to just about everybody taking a bung for saying somethings' good when it's actually crap.

Then we've got companies releasing a top-performing set up to the testers in order to get the good scores, but releasing a watered down version to joe public.

The only two I trust to give an honest opinion as they don't appear to rely on sponsors cash are; Virus Bulletin and AVtest

Both organisations provide at a glance information which can help us in our choices.
Unfortunately they don't always give information on the free products, but they do when those products score highly.

At this time, based on all information I could glean last year, I'm using Avira free - and nothing else - and that's despite having access to a free copy of Fsecure from Virginmedia or a free copy of Kaspersky from Barclays.

I just use windows own firewall - the only other I might consider would be Comodo.

If I needed to go looking for bother, then Malwarebytes would be the first port of call (free version) and perhaps I'd
give Hitman Pro a trial run (again free).

We can't be too safe, but we shouldn't forget we've already got a firewall in our routers, and in windows peeps can just type 'mrt' (malware removal tool) in the command box for a full scan of their comp.

I find regular use of CCleaner keeps things nice and proper, and it's also far more effective at removing unwanted programs.

Not saying this is better than that etc, just offering an opinion in the full knowledge I might be talking nonsense, and if it turns out I am then hopefully the better informed peeps will point out any mistakes and help us make better informed choices, but for what it's worth that's my present line, which may or may not be helpful to others.
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I use kaspersky, only like a tenner a year for 5 devices. I also use malwarebytes just to scan, windows firewall and ccleaner



Chromebook Master race signing in without any protection.

MSE for me, it actually picked up a virus that one of the antivirus I was using before did not. Cannot remember which one because I was testing a few at the time. But I think it was kespersky the one given free. By Barclays possibly.
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Spybot antibeacon (on win10 box)
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