The frog leap test take the test and see how you get on.…tml

    Post here how long and how many attempts it took you to do it..Just a bit of fun

    Took me 3 times to get it right but done it in the


    Less than 30 seconds. Messed up the first time, but thought about it and got it no problems :P…tml

    Got there on the third attempt. :thumbsup:

    2 attempts .....

    2 here

    1st time

    74th attempt :x

    Original Poster


    74th attempt :x

    Lmao ;-)


    Lmao ;-)

    Seriously took 9 attempts - but felt like 74 :oops:

    1st attempt, I rock lol


    1st attempt, I rock lol

    You sure do - i need more practice


    You sure do - i need more practice

    I cheated tho, i worked out how to do it in my head first:oops:

    Felt like a hundred times lol... but finally did it lol


    You're all lying it's not possible :x

    edit...okay done it now :whistling:

    i cant do it :cry: :cry:

    took me about 10 times doh!

    lol i tried 3 times i cant be bothered :giggle:

    fail on my part
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