The Funniest Name Changes In HKUD 2007..

    I am here to announce whether you would post any new name changes (including avatars) in the HKUD Forum.

    This is one I am contemplating: My name is Scooby Snacks (picture displays avatar).…jpg


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    Here is another suggestion, idea or offering:

    The name: Bungle From Rainbow:

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    Any new avatars or images, please submit:

    For example:

    The above avatar image could have a location of: Only Honey Mummies Apply.

    The Humour slippages and floodgates are touted and (unlimited) allowance as free will and intellectual food in this thread. Please ensure any creative wits to open up and flow...:thinking:

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    Another could be this:

    The location: When Loupi Lou meets Flower Potted Men...

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    Great Name: Teletubbies.

    Location: Twinky Winky.

    Only Happy People Apply Within.

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    Great Name:Captain Pugwash

    Location: Sailor Sea Men.

    lol captain pugwash - the cartoon with Master Bates and Sea man Staines in it :giggle:

    omg how did they ever get away with that lol.

    They didn't, it's an urban myth...



    :whistling: master bates!!! what are kids cartoons coming too! lol! :oops:

    and ive only just got the sea men one....god i need to get out more!

    :giggle: I think the hope was that children wouldnt get it either :giggle: They probably noticed before the adults

    As for it being an urban myth, it was on channel 4 not long ago saying that it was true, and parts where it was said were shown. They changed it after a while and the other episodes dont have those names in. First few did have Seaman Staines and Master Bates though

    No, what they said was "Master Mate" could have sounded dodgy. They couldn't have sued newspapers for libel and won if it was true!

    In the later episode yes, but was on recently saying it WAS master bates in earlier episodes

    I'm sorry, but you're wrong.

    I could say exactly the same thing as it is you who is wrong in my opinion

    Lets just agree to disagree

    I've found proof backing up my stance on it - where's yours? :-D

    handbags at dawn ladies!!

    Lol, I dont see what BristolDeal's problem is, I am not going to waste my time on this (including searching for evidence) it doesnt really matter, if they want to think that then fine, its wrong, but fine

    In other words "I'm giving up because I can't prove what I'm saying." :-D


    In other words "I'm giving up because I can't prove what I'm saying."

    I am glad you have given up :giggle:

    I wont be discussing this further because it is wasting my time, I have tried to end it but you are insistant on continuing it, if you want to waste your time then go ahead, argue with yourself
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