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Is this a good site to order games off? They have lego indy/kungfupanda on there for £12.99 and im a bit weary of the site, so has anyone ordered from them before?




scroll right to the bottom of the site - its got a look of about it, quick google search suggests theres no real horror stories about it.

What I believe they will be doing is breaking up the WEP bundle, you get the game so cheap becuase they are in the same case, and they'll be selling the pads indiviually at full price,

They are ok altough sometimes they send unsealed (possibly preowned) games without stating they are on the site. I got Bioshock which arrived unsealed and a small scratch when it was meant to be new. wasn't that fussed though it was only £9 or so

I've ordered twice in the last couple of weeks with no problems

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cool im now gonna order it`!

I bought the Lego Indy and Kung Fu Panda from them a few weeks ago. Arrived quickly, all sealed. Great bargain in my eyes as Gamestation are selling the games for over £30 each.

ive bought a few things from there before and have never had any problems

Dont forget to use Google Checkout and use code STUDENT10% for 10% off


I've ordered twice in the last couple of weeks with no problems

Me to no problems.:santa:
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