The good wives guide..........

    Just so you know!


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    yeah right..... not


    Thank goodness things have moved on since 1955!

    not in my house they haven't:thumbsup:

    Those poor women, good thing times have changed!

    Quite right.

    A womans place is in the home.

    The listen to him is my personal favourite........ now only to build a time machine for some Home based bliss 1955 here i come

    I am an house husband and I have read that and taken notice so I can fulfill my wifes every need when she returns home from a hard day:p

    lol, I love this.

    some things have changed and some are still the same!

    I work all day and my husband is at home - this would be a bit unfair methinks..... Don't hink they realised this kind of situation would happen back then.
    Must show this to my husband so he knows what to do when I get home.


    Can't believe in 50+ years on , woman does the opposite of everything listed !!!:whistling:

    im surprised the : "Be a little gay" hasnt been underlined. Would definitely make things more interesting
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