The great Apple iphone pish take? Cheers Carphone Warhouse.

    So......I ordered a 16GB iphone online with Carphone warehouse on Thursday 10th expecting to be able to collect on Monday from my local store.

    Friday 11th and my order had not been processed, so I spent the day trying to get through on the phone to only be told they couldn't see my order as it hadn't been processed. AAgggh.

    SO I thought Id be patient because Friday was a huge mess for O2 and CPW.

    Monday morning my order is not processed, same again on Tuesday and Wednesday.

    Today CPW cancelled my order! I rang up just now to only be told that they didn't have any 16GB iphone and were not going to back order any- BUT they could get me a 8GB iphone before the day was out.

    Let me see - theres no 16GB anywhere (the more desirable unit) but theres now enough 8GB. Why am I not surprised. Lets sell off all the 8GB now then reel in the 16GB crowd later. To my mind there trying to get people to downgrade on what they wanted then maybe even get them to buy a 16GB later.

    I am pished but slightly glad Im not dealing with CPW anymore. I'll stick with O2 when they get some stock, maybe even wait for the pay as you go. Or am I angry enough to stick it to Apple and not buy one! Yea - I may even ring up Steve and tell him he's a ****


    I do believe it is more O2 and CPW fault. Having said that, there is pleny of stock in Apple stores, so if there is one near you, just go there.

    Original Poster

    sadly the nearest store to me is London - but thats an 1hr trip (one way) and train fare as I wont drive into central London.

    Sigh I guess I'll wait.......

    Get a £20 Nokia.

    iphone has been milked. i mean are people really this stupid to beleive the did not know they were going to get a huge amount of orders? purposely cut stock so people create more hype and more people get the 8gb instead and upgrade later on


    Get a £20 Nokia.

    might aswell

    Original Poster

    To be fair I did order when they had stock - and Im annoyed because Iv waited a week to have my ordered cancelled with no explaination! In my books thats worth a moan about CPW

    But upon reflection I should have expected 16GB stock shortage. Stock shortage gets free press coverage in the news as "sell out device"
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