The Great British Bake Off 2017

Found 29th Aug 2017
So the new series has launched on channel 4 with new presenters and a new judge.

What are your opinions on the first episode?

Sound off below !

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I liked it

Haven't watched it yet, but I am chuffed it's now on All 4 so I can Was the only BBC thing I watched before you needed a licence for iplayer.

splender29 m ago


That's always a worry.

I didn't want to like it but I did

I don't really care about it moving to CH4, it's all about the contestants and last nights show was good I especially liked the illusion cake - loaf and sandwich it was amazing.

I'd never watched the show before last night, it came on after the news so I gave it a go. Quite enjoyed it!

Loved it

Loved it but too many adverts!

Drivel for the dross!

I liked it better !

Yeah was good, better recording it or watching through an online service to avoid the adverts though.

Noels a ledge.
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