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The Great Christmas Flamedeer Hunt 2020: Play now to win prizes incl PS5 & Xbox Series S

Posted 10th Dec 2020
Update 1
Thank you all so much for playing! Hope you had as much fun as we did. Here are the lucky winners (except the £5 Amazon voucher winners, as there are 300 of them and it might break the site/break me)
The month's worst kept secret is now official - the Christmas Flamedeer are here to play!!

For anyone unfamiliar, we launch a herd of cute/scary cartoon Flamedeer around the website, and if you catch them you can win prizes, including two PS5s and five Xbox Series Ss! All of the information you need in order to play is on the special landing page which you can find >> here (https//ho…er)<<

And if you (or your kids?!) would like to colour in some cute, Christmassy deer, look no further: hukd.com/Col…ges

This thread is the place to ask any questions about the hunt or share tips about where you can possibly find those elusive Flamedeer. We also have a shiny new Flamedeer FAQ to help

If you have already caught some Flamedeer and would like to trade them for others, go HERE

Follow our hotukdeals Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/hotukdeals), Twitter account (https://twitter.com/hotukdeals) and hotukdeals Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/hotukdeals/?hl=en) and make sure you're signed up for Daily Picks (https://daily-picks.hotukdeals.com) to get as many clues as possible

You can download the full T&Cs for the competition >> here (http//ww…es) <<


Posting deals using the word Flamedeer, or voting like crazy, will not increase the likelihood of our Flamedeer appearing for you; in fact, it will usually make it less likely. Constant refreshing of the site will not help you either, in fact, our Flamedeer are rather shy and usually wait a bit before showing up.

The prizes!


NB - Following very high demand, the PS5 has been out of stock at all the retailers, so we can't guarantee that we'll be able to ship the PS5 immediately after the game ends. We are, however, doing our best to buy the console as soon as it gets back in stock. It's safe to expect delivery to take a couple of months though


How do I play?

All hotukdeals members with an authenticated account can play and win. To play, you simply need to browse the website as usual and click on the Flamedeer appearing at random on your screen. The game can be played on our website and mobile apps.

They look something like this (image taken from a past game...)


What are Instant wins and what are collections?

Instant win Flamedeer are a guaranteed win, provided your participation is in line with our T&Cs. Collections are sets of matching Flamedeer (same type, "normal", "silver" and "gold" level) that must be collected in order to win: any complete collection is a win! This means there might be an unlimited amount of "normal" and "silver" deers, but only as many "gold" deers as there are prizes.

Can I only find gold if I already have the normal and silver of the collection?

Yes! One of each suffices, but you won't have a chance at catching a gold Flamedeer if you have only the normal OR silver.

How do I trade?

To complete your collections, please post a request in the dedicated thread and search for other members who have the Flamedeer you're looking for! You can then search their name on the Trade page of the game and chose from your and their collection what trade you want to offer. Once a trade has been accepted, it's forever! Make sure you know what you're accepting when someone offers you to trade: if you trade away a card you had only once, that's on you.

What are the badges and how do I get them?

Badges are little awards that mark specific achievements on our website. There are badges for a certain amount of votes, deals, comments or likes received, and many other things. This enables us to show appreciation to members who contribute significantly to the community!

During this game, some prizes are restricted to users who won certain badges – you must have won these badges before the beginning of the game to be eligible. Badges earned during the game will not be accounted for (but they will count for the next game).

Is the game really random?

Yes! Also Yes! and... Yes again! We improve our algorithm with every edition of the game to guarantee a completely random distribution of the Flamedeer.
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