The Great PS3 rip-off

    The great PS3 rip-off:

    by Nic Cicutti, exclusive to MSN Money
    March 22 2007
    Clutching a sleeping bag and a handful of chocolate bars, 17-year-old Rihatsu Thomas pitched camp outside Virgin Megastore on London’s Oxford Street early on Wednesday morning, desperate to be among the first gamers to get his hands on Sony’s latest console, the Playstation 3.
    He shouldn’t have any problems: a full 24 hours after he arrived, he was still the only person in the queue. “I thought there would be more people here,” he said. “I hope some more people come soon.”
    Sony’s new console goes on sale on Friday across the UK and stores have reported disappointing pre-sales. Whereas console launches in the past have seen thousands of gamers descend on shops on launch day, the PS3 has arrived with little more than a whimper.
    Reviews of the new console have been mixed. However, the number one reason keeping gamers away from the shops does not seem to be concern about the PS3’s performance or games line-up, but it’s hefty price tag.
    Sony’s super-console has a recommended retail price of £425 – and that’s just for the console and a single controller. If you fancy buying a couple of games, a memory card and an additional controller, the whole package is likely to set you back around £550.
    The Japanese gaming giant has been slammed for the high price of its new console, but British gamers have greater cause than most to feel aggrieved: the price of a 60 GB model PS3 in the UK is £115 more expensive than in the US, £164 dearer than in Japan and a massive £180 costlier than in Hong Kong.
    Add to this the fact that, unlike the Asian and US models, UK PS3s will not be completely backwards compatible with previous Playstation and Playstation 2 games and it’s not difficult to see why gamers are keeping their money firmly in their pockets


    I'm still not sure whether to get one or not though!


    I wouldn't bother getting one, give it a year I'd say, let the price drop, see if more PS2 games become compatible - then see how you feel

    Original Poster

    Keep your money in your pocket...In 6 months time they'll be £250 cheaper you'll see...Sony will have to lower the price as no one wants em...

    There will be a few people crying in there beer in about 6 months time when they drop the price right down I can tell ya...:giggle:

    The plain truth is I would pay £299 at the omission of the Blu-Ray drive.
    Sony's pitch is completely wrong this generation.

    Games don't need Blu-Ray, the drives are too slow compared with DVD at the moment for data retrieval anyway. The way I see it, you're paying over the odds to fund Sony's software anti-piracy techniques. I don't copy 360 games and have no intention of doing so.

    I think i might keep my money in my pocket for a little longer i am very happy with my 360

    Original Poster

    Friend has just come from the town centre and reports that there are plenty of PS3 consoles everywhere, Virgin has over 20 and Asda has loads...

    Sony shop was empty with staff sitting on there thumbs...:roll:

    Looks like the launch of sony's PS3 has bombed out big time..They only have themselves to blame...:whistling:

    I bet he is well happy to go home with a free HD TV and taxi ride home. Even at £429 that has got to be a hot deal.

    Also not sure that MSN news is the most impartial place to read review/comments on the PS3!


    I bet he is well happy to go home with a free HD TV and taxi ride home. … I bet he is well happy to go home with a free HD TV and taxi ride home. Even at £429 that has got to be a hot deal.Also not sure that MSN news is the most impartial place to read review/comments on the PS3!

    Who, what is all this about free tv's with the PS3?

    Original Poster

    Sony gave away free hd tv's to the first 100 customers who bought the ps3 at the launch last night at oxford street...

    Only because there was nobody waiting outside the door and to get them in and have press show up would have been embarrasing for Sony..

    ill just be sticking with my 360, i cant be bothered getting another console where the grahics are going to be about the same, all this has is the blue ray!

    Ill just hold on thank you, sony youve lost a sale whith that price and charging more than america

    Mine's just arrived. I am the envy of all here at work but still not sure I should have plunged.

    I ordered mine at 6.30 Weds night from Dixons with Resistance and Ridge Racer games. Total was £504.97.

    I used the £30 off £500 code - £474.97
    Quidco is tracking £11.87
    I also linked through the Egg website and paid on that card so should get another 5% cashback through them but the purchase isn't showing on my statement yet. Hopefully the console and both games should only come to just under £440.

    I hope Blu-Ray is worth it!

    Well the likelihood of me getting a PS3 are slim to none,only got a PS2 t'other week coz it was £49 at Asda:giggle:

    In all seriousness though,it seems to me that Sony have taken their gamers for granted with this one,they seem to be more obsessed with getting blu-ray into homes and are using their diehard fans and gamers to do it!!

    The blu-ray players that have been launched are cack,they halved in price within a couple of weeks because of it,the whole business with this console leaves a bitter taste in the mouth,the arrogance(the next generation starts when WE say it does etc),the flaws of the blu-ray player,the delays,the inferior european model,the price..............I hope for the ones who have kept the faith that they eventually get some good games or it could end in tears!

    They are going to definetly drop the price of the ps3 before the year out if they going to compete with the 360 that you can get premium with 3 top games for £290.…056

    They losing exclusive titles all the time. Devil May Cry 4 will be released on 360 on the same release date, vitural fighter 5 coming, GTA4


    Well so much for the claims that this was going to be a big seller!!!!
    What a stupid price for a computer, think I'll stick with the xbox and PC.

    I wish we hand't bought one. I have one sitting in the sodding box on my table and 1 (yes thats righ) 1 sodding game I can play since none of the ps2 games I have are compatable acording to sonys website. OH is back tomorrow and he can deal with it. I'm going to take my ps2 upstairs and comendeer the tv in our bedroom *hurmph*

    The PS3 is technically decent value for what you get in the box.

    The problem is that many people just want a games machine and couldn't give a toss about blu-ray.
    If you fall into that category (as I do), then the 360 is a much better buy.
    It's cheaper, currently has a much larger library (though that will change of course), games are about the same quality graphic-wise, the 360 is actually better for on-line play (several games released on both plaforms so far have on-line for 360 but not for PS3) etc.

    No idea what will happen in the future, but right now, if you just want to play games (and maybe watch the odd standard dvd), the PS3 is very poor value compared to the 360.

    If blu-ray is important to you then that's a different matter...

    I see there's already plenty of people on eBay trying to rip people off with PS3s......

    Although I have no intetion of buying it anyway due to the price, I still think it ridiculous that it's always in London that stuff seems to be given away to gamers - what about the plenty of people who live nowhere near, what thanks to they get?

    thanks for your nuggets of wisdom oh crazylegs who has some halo character as his avatar....

    there is a test on which compares games on both the xbox 360 and ps3 and you can see for yourselves that the xbox 360 is graphically superior to that of the ps3, that is also the result of the test

    ALL consoles are rip offs when they are first released as the makers know there will usually be a rush for them. Sony won't care that much as they are getting around double for their console than what they will be charging for it in 6 months.

    They should care though, the 360 has already got a great established user base and as many people have found a way to play their back up games on the 360 as well. I can't see how the PS3 is going to compete, especially at over 400 quid for just the console and one controller.

    Let's also talk about graphics, my kids have the 360 and when I use it I put it on my Sony Bravia on the HD lead and it's incredible. Just how much better do we want it? Sony had better be careful, gameplay is the most important thing unless you are one of those idiots that only have the latest console and a game to show off to your visitors.

    Also not allowing people to play ps2 games when people in other countries can. I'm not totally up on the technical reasons but it seems to me if you let people buy a console for over 400 quid and then don't allow them to play their PS2 games they have to go out and buy all of those games for the PS3 or at least a few new titles. It's a cynical ploy and one that the 360 isn't innocent of, we had to purchase the new 360 version of burnout and fifa despite having the latest xbox versions. You just know they could get them to work, they just wanted more money from us.

    So, where does this leave the PS3? Well you have the posers, the spoilt and the ebay sellers owning these consoles, the latter are lumbered with them. The clever people are waiting and the really intelligent ones are on xbox live right now with over 500 pounds in their pocket.

    As I said before, I will pay no more than the price I can buy a premium 360 for - ie. £279. If I can't buy it for that price, then I won't buy it.
    I also have no real need for a blu-ray player, and the price of this standard will plummet in the next year anyway.
    Remember when a DVD player cost £300? You can now get them for a tenner. £200 internal DVD-+RW drives that can now be purchased for less than £20 on SVP. No, give it a year and the falling price of the blu ray standard will see the PS3 fall in price like a stone.
    I will be shocked if you can't get one next Christmas for the same price as a 360.

    The cheap DVD players are mostly due to the manufacturing of "generic" drives. You won't get that with PS3 so I don't think it's a fair comparison. However I think that PS3 prices will drop significantly due to the relative lack of interest from the public.

    With the Playstation products whether PS1, PS2 or even the PSP we have waited for about 6-12 months and ended up buying off of my brother who is then bored of it for about half the price with loads of games we wanted.
    I love having a brother that needs to have all the brand new gadgets and then gets bored of them!

    Hubby only wants one for GT4 is it and I'm perfectly happy with the Wii....

    i emailed sony at the playstation site and moaned about everything wrong with the ps3; price, blu-ray, delays, ugly box, inferior model etc.

    you know what they replied they are working on getting more ps2 games to work on the ps3!!!

    Sony......get your heads out of your A**es and LISTEN TO US!!

    oh yeah.............i ended my email by telling them i am getting a 360 :-D
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