The great shrinkflation rip-off - don't buy McVitie's Victoria Biscuits!

Posted 9th Dec 2022
Every year, I end up buying a variety box of choclate biscuits during the Christmas season. It's usually McVitie Victoria biscuit box from Morrisons. This year, I accepted that with inflation the biscuits will cost more and indeed they did - now costing £4. The box looked the same on the outside as it always does.

However, when I opened them, it's nearly all plastic tray! Last year they had at least two other biscuits (a light and dark chocolate chip cookie).

I find it pretty underhand to keep the box exactly the same dimensions as last year and make sure it has the same design then take the content out.

Anyway, thought I would vent my frustration - we are clearly being ripped off these days when they put prices up AND fill the box with air instead of product.

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    Your first mistake was walking into Morrisons.
    Nailed it. 
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    If they're going to write "Now even more chocolately" on the box, they should keep customers similarly updated by stating "Now fewer biscuits". Should be law.
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    They are taking the biscuit!
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    How come the chocolate fingers aren't on the box but shortbread is that's not even in there, weird
    The mystery deepens, better get scooby in, they would of got away with it if it wasnt for us meddling hukd'ers
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    The simple answer and solution to this, is just don't buy it.

    An few more years and you will buying the same box size with 3 biscuits in it.
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    So where's the biscuit pictured on the far left of the box?

    Ironically "Less packaging More Biscuits" is emblazoned on the old box.

    False advertising indeed. They might as well have said it costs less too and makes you taller and more handsome. (edited)
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    Devious treachery indeed
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    No trickery going on here they quite clearly show you how many biscuits are inside , it's printed on the front of the box (edited)
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    The good news is that the chocolate content has risen from 21% to 23%. That's an increase of half a gram. Don't eat it all at once.
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    What weight is on the tin?
    On the box it states 550g. But I doubt very few people will remember what weight the same box was last year and go by size of box comparison.

    I just thing it is very cynical that they keep the box identical - same colour, shape and size. It's all done on purpose. I certainly wouldn't have bought them had I realised. 
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    £2.50 in Tescos as i got mine this morning. It's decent value at £2.50 as you pay £2 for just over 500gms of chocolate digestives.

    At full price these have been a con every year.
    Not if you try the Aldi choccy digs. Cheaper and better than McVs.
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    A deal was posted on here a couple of hours ago, £2.50

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    Content and weight are very clear on the box.
    Size etc would have likely benefit kept same as packaging and machinery already sorted for it.
    And if you are on a budget, buy separate packs and never at full price lol
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    It looks like the shortbread is missing.
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    I got carried away.
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    I sent my mrs to buy a few boxes due to a deal posted on here!
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    It's missing the white chocolate wafer one with the milk chocolate waves.. that was my fave one

    Or is this a different box? Also used to have club shaped ones (edited)
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    Mate, I would return it back to the store next time you are passing by, tell them you want a refund due to the embarrassingly poor selection and large box!

    Let Morrisons know that you are not happy with these cheap tricks!
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    wow killing the plannet with all that plastic no buiscuits!
    Yes, but the entire sourcing of ingredients, shipping them to the factory, manufacturering and shipping to stores is a carbon neutral or negative process.

    Honest guv, we planted some trees on some productive farm land, that we bought cheaply. As the dairy farmer has gone out of business due to being ripped off by the milk processors and supermarkets for years. Along with the ever diminishing farming sub payments.
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    Move on nothing ro se here
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    Just eat the box
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