The greatest story on Earth

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Found 17th Sep 2007
Lets all write a book....just one paragraph each. Take it where you like.

The man was unknown, a dark character, and Sally wasn't sure about walking past him. Although it was daylight the trees were making the area very mysterious, she started to get nervous. He got closer and she could make out he was wearing a large jacket, his face was still obscured, and he looked more frightening the closer he got....

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But then he realised that it was all just a dream and they all lived happily ever after.


[SIZE="2"]Or, at least, that's what he thought - because he really wasn't dreaming. He thought of the countless times he was sure he was awake, but was actually dreaming. When Sally approached, he drew a deep breath and...[/SIZE]

...farted. He could see Sally was not amused.

[SIZE="2"]She always scowled whenever he did that. After a moment of silence, Sally grabbed...[/SIZE] the mask which was obscuring his face. "Tim", she shouted. "This isn't funny.........

i want some boiled eggs with a nice piece of...

toast cut into soliders and arranged in a fan shape aound the plate - not that I'm fussy you understand just ..............

confused about my sexuality, because i ought to be have born a lady, my mother knew.....

that. Sally and Tim giggled with excitement as today was the day when...

you see my shlong, and its very

ghlood, he said, as he silently cursed the fact that every time he spoke he said one word with an extra 'hl' in it. I could shling it for you if you wish.
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