The greatest war movie you have watched?

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Found 21st Dec 2014



Desert Shield.

Recent one - Fury
Older - Saving Private Ryan
Older Still - Platoon
Ancient - Battle of Midway

All classics in our opinion (my wife and I)

Lone survior

Full Metal Jacket

full metal jacket
appocalypse now
good morning vietnam

War movies aren't really my thing but I do like Full Metal Jacket.

Planet of the apes(original version)

Definitely no. 1 is. Schindlers List

the great escape


Planet of the apes(original … Planet of the apes(original version)[img][/img]

that's science fiction genre

The Pianist


that's science fiction genre

Still a war movie the op didnt mention anything about only human involvement

Original Poster

It's quite sad that none of you have named just 1 great war movie

Brotherhood (taegukgi)

This film makes saving private Ryan look like in the night garden.

"War" = Gotta be Rush Hour 2!
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These are the ones I enjoy watching:

Stalag 17
Full Metal Jacket
The Great Escape
Guns of Navarone
Empire of the Sun

Saving private ryan
Kellys heroes
The great escape

Although not a film as such, Band of Brothers and The Pacific are brilliant war series. Superb acting and quite moving.
Deer Hunter is a great film too.

Brotherhood ( taggitqiyttrrrdh)

Das boot

deer hunter
saving private ryan
inglorious basterds


Kelly's Heroes.

Also anything else featuring Telly Savalas sitting on a tank, smoking a cigar.

A Bridge too Far.
The Cockleshell Heroes
Age of Heroes
Hamburger Hill
Lone Survivor
Navy Seals
Who Dares Wins

First rank, FIRE! Second rank, FIRE! Third rank, FIRE!…c_Y

Saving Private Ryan.
Good Morning Vietnam.

Saving Private Ryan
Battle Of Britain
The Deer Hunter

Buffalo soldiers

Some good films on this thread.

I really enjoyed We were soldiers and when i was younger liked Casualties of war although i haven't watched it recently to say if it stands up to my adult eyes. X)


The deer hunter
where eagles dare
apocalyse now
three kings
kellys heroes

Debbie does Dallas

Sorry, I misread the title of the thread, I must get my eyes checked out (_;)

The Longest Day

Just going to leave this here. If you haven't seen GotF then you must, it's by far the most hauntingly beautiful war film I've ever seen...

My favourite

Enemy at the Gates

Technically not a movie but Band of Brothers.



One of the most overrated films
two and a half hours of headache
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