The Greenwich Walnut Kitchen with Jamocha Worktop... but which handles for the cabinets??!

Found 17th Feb 2011
Having a kitchen installed- tis the Greenwich in Walnut.. really can't decide between handles for the cabinets. Do I go with the long bar handles which are 'in' at the mo? Or the square ones which look a bit different. It's such a plain kitchen so will have to jazz it up with nice tiles/ lighting and 'door jewellery'.

*** pics in next post**

Any opinions greaty received.

(Feel free to gis an insight on what kinda tiles'll look good too)

Ta very muchly
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The nickel bar handles

The square handles

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I really like the square handles! Day off today and while vegging in front of the tv I saw a programme about peoples homes on itv, someone on there had a cream kitchen with those sort of handles and it looked really nice. Not a fan of the tops you've chosen though ive always prefered a solid colour myself.
Looking at it, with those tops i dont think the square ones would look quite right. Would have to be the bar handles for me if i had to have those tops! lol
Bar handles imo from the choices given, but why are the handles pictured not in the link?

It might be worth considering supplying your own handles sourced from elsewhere?
ta jt and dh -

i really like the square handles but i hear ya when you say that they wont really 'go' with the cabinets, but the bar ones are kinda 'now' and i don't want em to look out of date in a few years time.. and dh, lol- you know what i'm getting so jittery about this blimmin' shade of 'walnut' too. it's starting to look a tad too stripey for my liking. have to opt for a cheapie kitchen as unsure of how long we'll be staying in this house for.. plus the greenwich range has the 'longer' wall cabinets so optimum storage needs etc etc.

this is the darker walnut- but for a very small kitchen may be a bit too dark (looks darker in reality)

can't bear maple as too wishy washy and the cram and white which are my faves are too much hard work with small kids running around with choc covered fingers
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