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    For those who signed up to the £10/m gym deal, i was just checking on the gym group website to see when the west hampstead branch would be opening, but now its changed from 'summer 2010' to 'autumn 2010'

    Plymouth and Nottingham are also autumn 2010, but not sure what these were before.

    original thread -…r-m

    Just thought it was worth a mention

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    I can't say I'm surprised, for a few reasons. Many people are reluctant to spend money until they see what they're actually going to get for it (especially when it comes to a gym they've never heard of before), and it being so cheap would make me think it will probably be too crowded at the times I'd want to use it - that's what stopped me joining it. Hampstead has several very good gyms already, and the saving of £5 a month isn't much of an incentive when money isn't a big issue for a significant proportion of the community - it won't be the only gym in the area to offer no-contract membership either. When I read up on some of their other branches, I found they didn't have particularly good reviews - very crowded at particular times of day despite the 24-hour opening, and poor staffing (just a manager on site, with no trainers unless they're booked for a personal training session). I bet they haven't got the number of new sign-ups they expected - sometimes the old adage "buy cheap, buy twice" applies.
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