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Found 10th Feb 2010
Help, having a nightmare here. trying to find a salon in glasgow that is part of "the hair group" to use vouchers from buy a gift. Not having any luck at all. Cant get thru on the phone, engaged or busy and the street map is not clear at all, wht dont they just give you the name and address of the salon? id appreciate any help amd am willing to help you guys anyway i can.
thanks so much
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this is the main problem with the hair group.....just gotta keep trying til you get through....chances are they wont call you back if you leave a message
dont think they have any glasgow salons,there used to be 1 on clarkston rd and 1 at queen st but they both stopped it
there is one on ingram street called chesne hair, i used in in dec with hairgroup voucher, i think u might have to book via the hairgroup itself though x
i am having the same problem, i got the gift for my daugher, its says you have to ring num before booking, also got photo session for kids and same problem. :x
I bought this in the Argos sale and this post reminded me that I haven't used it yet. I'm sure when I checked the website before purchase there were 2 in the Edinburgh area but there don't appear to be any now. Anyone know if salons get added off and on or if I should just cut my losses now?
would like to personally respond on behalf of the Hair and Beauty Groups in relation to various comments posted on this site.

All comments are respectfully taken on board and that is why we felt it necessary to actively address them.

We are a promotional company that works in conjunction with various national and targeted media promotions, we also work alongside several gift experience companies.

All our hair and beauty salons are independently owned and for the most part small businesses that wish to increase their weekly footfall.

As I’m sure you appreciate during this present time is not always easy.

We provide them with the opportunity to exclusively represent their local area and in return they participate in the free promotions and gift experiences.

They of course wish to gain a regular client and a continuity with the individual who goes to the salon.

Whilst we Endeavour to do our very best to accommodate each and every entrant to a promotion of gift experience, it is only possible if the salons wish to join the group.

With regard to problems accessing our website and getting through to us directly we have now , in place new improvements.

To our phones we now have a whole new network installed and in place as of February 2010 and are currently up to date with all calls.

We have invested in our customer service department and now have more than doubled the man power on the phones.

We are also striving to increase our salon locations within the uk.

To those who have missed out in the past we hope to accommodate in future promotions , we felt this exceptionally important and have also expanded our recruitment team, we hope this will elevate any inconvenience experienced previously by any individuals who did not get the benefit in their local area.

I would very much like to address a few comment s regarding the vouchers only being able to be used once every year.

We have this system in place for our salons, we thought it completely unfair if members of the public could enter a promotion every week and go back for a free service over and over.

I’m certain if any of you have your own business you will understand and appreciate this. However a hair voucher can be used in conjunction with beauty voucher with in a twelve month period.

Without the independently owned salons participating in the media offers and gift experience there would be no future in these types of offers, they make it totally possible for a large percentage of individuals to have a treat once in a while.

As we continue to grow, so do the number of salons we have , it is our desire to have availability in every town and of course that would be the ideal solution but this takes time and continued effort from our dedicated team.
My GF had one of these vouchers and when she got it a Hair Group salon was in Glasgow but disappeared from the list shortly after. But she rang Hair Group up and they got her an appointment at chesne hair in Glasgow she just went today and she is very happy with the salon.
Applied for an offer about 6 months ago. I had given up when I received an email offering an "upgrade" . after several calls I managed to get through and was told the upgrade was a family portrait (been stung by that before) or a fashion makeover. Not much use if you have wasted postage and telephone calls trying to get the promised haircut. Disgusted but not surprised.

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