The Halloween Pumpkin Carving Comp.

Ok as this has been requested by Suchafunkymonkey iv decided to run it again.
Im going to be the Judge for a second year running for which im very gratefull and honoured for..... !!:whistling: ok im hearing "get on with it” from a distance’ without further adoo!
Please take a good photo (not blurry) of your pumpkin using a camera/ mobile save it to desktop then run photobucket, upload it then copy URL then use it in here. The prizes will be sent out on the Saturday 3rd November, as long as the winners get their address in quick enough.
The prizes are again Big Bag Sweets (as everyone was happy about this last year) and we will have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd. This is only a bit of fun and please no Pm’s about “so and so” cheating !! lol

Rules are simple:
1. Carve a picture of absolutely anything into the side of a Pumpkin
2. Any age is allowed but not prehistoric...ok, Dino you can enter aswell
3. My decision and Mrs Saxo's will be final
4. No Mods/Admin of HUKD allowed,.. unless they do a bank transfer into my account “Cough Cough! (Everyone can enter even mods etc)
5. Competition closes at [U 8pm on Wednesday - 31st October .
6. You must place your name in the picture
7. Once you have posted the picture you cant go back and add a better one, i will check the post (as it will say "post been edited"), so please be carefull when your away to finally post your picture...check everything!

Posting image:……=42

Any querys Pm please and ill get back to you a.s.a.p

Good luck everyone and Happy Carving!, let the Carving begin :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Sounds like fun! Thanks for organising this saxo_appeal

Original Poster

Thank you, i hope everyone is getting their pumpkins carved out !!

I don't believe in Halloween - but my OH does and is carving his pumpkin this year (or so he says).

Thanks for this Saxo - even if we don't enter :giggle:

Maybe people who enter could put a handwritten note with their username in the pic too? Just so people don't win unfairly by googling images etc...


Maybe people who enter could put a handwritten note with their username … Maybe people who enter could put a handwritten note with their username in the pic too? Just so people don't win unfairly by googling images etc...:)

ooo good point if I enter I'll do that :thumbsup:

Original Poster

Rule added, thanks sadiebabes

someone at work made a pc pumkin!! Even had a working fan inside and keyboard attached! It was fab!

This is my son's entry:-

Skelly by - aged 7 and-aged 3 (assisted by mum - age not disclosed!!)

Original Poster

Well done boys...oh and mum aswell !!

that must have taken you a while?

Here's some I did last year. Will upload this years efforts before deadline.

Sorry forgot to add my details. Peter aged 35.


Well done boys...oh and mum aswell !!that must have taken you a while?

Yeah it did take a while but that was mostly down the arguing over who's turn it was etc ;-)

Nice work foghorn especially the Mr Incredible.

Original Poster

Some good ones there foghorn! Pity they werent entries for this year lol

Original Poster

I like the house picture on that one, looks really creepy with the bats lol

holy fish thats fab priss

Love the Mr increadable one hiding it from AM just incase he thinks I can do that :lol:

If golfchip couldn't find a suitable avvi, i got this for him instead...

wow how good is that

Here's hoping this works...It's 2 hours to work out how to reduce the image by 75%, so here goes...carved and snapped by Jelli89 28/10/07

Thank you for organising this again Saxo. Count me in.
I must go to the farm shop now and buy some pumpkins. :-D

Original Poster

No problem Christmasshopper, hope you do a good one this year lol

I like doing comps, especially when we get the kids envolved !

Foghorn Leghorn

Here's some I did last year. Will upload this years efforts before … Here's some I did last year. Will upload this years efforts before deadline.Sorry forgot to add my details. Peter aged 35.

Oh dear... I hope you haven't improved even more since last year...



jelli yours is really intricate!! All of them are good though

Original Poster

Jelli you should have done a creepy spider on the other side lol

heres mine the OH did this and he is very impressed with himself this is it when lit

Original Poster

Very well done ilovepink, the scream mask or is it that painting of the face with the hands up at the face?

its the scream face and the OH done it not me he is the artsie one

For all those posting pics of their carvings don't you have to put your user name on a piece of paper or something and include it in the pic ?

oh no i forgot to do that do you want me to delete my post and repost or not i can send a email with it cause i thought in the rules onnce you posted the pic you cant edit it oh no

Original Poster

well i did have that rule but i think ill let people off as it is for fun, what i will do is.....:? :?

If you have won 1st 2nd or 3rd, id like you to take a photo of your name with the pumpkin so i know its yours :w00t:

that sorts that one out :thumbsup:

Or if you think the Pumpkin wont last until afer 8pm on Wednesday (as your kid might be out trick or treating and drop it) please please post Pumpkin picture with your name in the piccy


ok thanks i will take another pic now with name with it then if i win then ill post it

Original Poster

good thinking ilovepink :thumbsup:
Carved by Jelli Junior (age 9) - whether you can see it or not, it's supposed to be ScoobyDoo in a Wizards hat

wow very nice

Original Poster

Whats lighting that up jelli? a thousand candles? lol

that's the strange thing - it's only 2 half used old nightlights!! Whilst tinkering round with my camera, i found a setting 'candlelight' ....[SIZE="1"]think i'd better have another look in the instruction manual! [/SIZE]

That's really good Jelli :thumbsup:

Thanks Fire - he was really chuffed to have done it on his own, but after i showed him the photo of his work on this thread, he went off to school with a grin from one ear to the other - bless!

Aww bless him, he won't let you throw it away when it starts rotting :giggle:

thank God i took the photo last night, 'cos the hat was starting to wilt into the middle, and when i tried to pin it in place with a cocktail stick, my fingers stuck into a mushy bit - Mmm niiice!

Apparently vaseline is good for stopping shrinking & a mild bleach solution stops them rotting as fast!
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