The hardest competition i have ever seen!…33/

    The prize is £1000, a stamp and a wii (is the winner is under 30)

    I have never come across a competition like this. Called Endgame, all you have to do is read the story and look at the picture clues. Then submit your answer.

    It's not as easy as it sounds! What is the question? That is the first problem.

    One for those who like the cryptic.

    I have to say it is fun, and has begun to take over my life (I am very sad i know), and a great prize on offer.

    Seems to be in the same mould as Masquerade by Kit Williams.


    sorry thats giving me to much of a head-****

    Would give it a go, but that writing it hurting my eyes!

    Too much work lol

    Original Poster


    Would give it a go, but that writing it hurting my eyes!

    I know, I had to save each part to my computer then view it in my pictures - it's readable then.
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