The Hatchimal Thread (where to find them)

Found 30th Nov 2016
Thought it would be a good idea to create a thread for people to get up to date information on where they have managed to get a Hatchimal from.

Please could you state in this thread where you last managed to get a Hatchimal from as soon as you buy one, so that others can get in with a chance of buying one too.

Below are the links to the common Hatchimal product pages:



Toys R Us…y=1



Whats with the 99p?

So, are there any available on your sites just now?

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the 99p is just a made up figure since the price is varying alot on them. No those sites are not current places with stock. They are there so that if someone says "oh have them", you can quickly click on it and hopefully get one.

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I've previously posted … I've previously posted this

​But stockinformer is slow! You cant beat the speed of genuine shoppers. Buy a Hatchimal, quick post in here to let others know. Bish bash bosh!

Stockinformer wasn't slow for me I've been trying for wks and wks to get the new nintendo mini and the day after being told here about it I managed to get not one but 2 from tesco

Smyths - green on 7th dec
Smyths - pink on 19th dec

OOS already.
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