The Home Delivery Network.

    I ordered a Russell Hobbs "Donut maker" from which was "delivered" by the Home Delivery Network last Monday (Jan 22nd).

    I use the term "delivered" in its loosest sense because Boots have informed me this morning that it was left in the PUBLIC ALLEY behind my house. The courier didn't post a card advising me of it's "delivery location" through my door so it's been potentially sat there for a week!

    I now find that Boots have discontinued the item and have no more stock!

    There are also no contact details on their website so I'm going to have to get Boots to tell them how incompetent they are.

    This follows on from my new Samsung TV going "missing" (stolen according to 24-7 Electrical) with City-Link just before Christmas.


    [SIZE=2]Do you have the item? If not you should get a full refund from Boots.[/SIZE]

    Home Delivery Network have left stuff outside for me before.
    I'm amazed they can leave stuff within public grasp and if they do give it to someone, there is no signiture (on their lowest price option no doubt)

    They seem completely brazen to the fact they leave items anywhere that can be stolen, not giving a toss about ensuring the customer gets their goods.

    i had a 50 quid watch and 90 quids worth of boots products left outside my front door on xmas eve. i was so angry rang boots and argos and they didnt say much. i live in a flat so anybody cud have nicked it.

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    Alas the donut maker is not in the alley behind my house. Had they told me on MONDAY of last week it was there I might have been able to get it.

    It was today that I found out, from Boots, that the Home Delivery Network left it behind my house in a public alley (they didn't leave a card on Monday).

    My gf quite regularly has goods delivered by home delivery network, and they often leave goods outside, but ALWAYS well hidden and with a note left through the door. Only parcel we have lost is a 32" LCD thanks to citylink, it seems they do this often!!
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