The (Hopefully) Definitive Guide to Netflix Premium Access via VPN

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Posted 18th Oct 2020
Hey, what's this ?. Another guide ?. For Netflix you say ?. I'd better read on !.

I've never been a member of Netflix before, can I join ?

No!. Get back in your box!. Leave me alone!.

No, you can join, obviously, but if you're looking to join via VPN and save a bit of money, you can't join from new.

If you try joining from new then Netflix will ask you for a mobile phone number for verification from the country you're trying to join from which, clearly, you're not going to have.

This is why you must have a previously verified UK account like I'm about to say below.

So if I can't join from new, how do I do it ?

The most important thing to remember here is that you must already have a Netflix account that has been fully set up and verified. And the second most important thing to remember is that it must have a current and active payment method.

So I've got a verified Netflix account that isn't currently active, but I do have a current payment method. What do I do now ?

This is the easy part. Go to Netflix and activate your VPN. It's best to choose Turkey currently, but, as we've seen with the Argentinia now charging 30% tax on top, things could change.

The most consistent VPN to use is the free Hola! VPN extension for the Chrome desktop browser.

Once you've done that, sign in to your old Netflix account and choose your plan.

Once you've done that then you just need to verify your payment details and you're off and running.

Wait, I've got a Netflix account but I'm currently using it and paying UK prices. What do I do ?

The first thing you need to do is to cancel it. You can't just jump over to paying through Turkey midway through or anything like that.

So cancel the account and wait to the end of your billing period for it to fully close and then wait another 24 hours on top of that.

(That's not a hard and fast rule but I find it doesn't hurt)

Then, you basically go back up and follow the instructions for what to do with an inactive Netflix account and a current payment method.

Popular Questions

Do I have to use a VPN each time I watch something?.

What's the best VPN to use ?
Hola! VPN browser extension for Chrome has proven to be the most consistent to do this. And since you only need the VPN to sign up and confirm your details, you can easily use the basic free tier.

Can you use a normal uk debit card ?
Yes, if you've currently got it registered as your regular payment method then it should work fine. I've been using a Nationwide debit card without an issue.

Can I keep my favourites and the contents of My List?
If you're re-activating an old account then whatever is on your list of things to watch will still be there.

Isn't this fraud?
Go away.

Bonus Content !

Full credit and lavish praise should go to @dave.richardsonskV for this little "hack" if it turns out that it actually works!

Well, it does work, but I haven't personally tried it with the VPN yet but feel free to give it a go and report back in this thread.

What you need to do is open up Netflix using Chrome's "Incognito" mode. What you'll subsequently find is that it will make you a number of different offers each time you open up a new page - you have to do it multiple times to get the different offers.

So far, I've found these ..

  • Pay 1st Month, Get 2nd Free
  • 50% off 1st Month Subscription
  • 50% off first two months.
  • 30 Day Free Trial

Now I would suggest that if you get one of these offers that you like, then activate your VPN at that point and continue with verifying your payment details and signing up.

Now I need to go and lie down.
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