The (Hopefully) Definitive Guide to YouTube Premium Access via VPN.

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I was waiting indoors for a delivery and I was bored, so I wrote this.

How do I do it ?

If you are just using YouTube as a regular "free" user and you want to subscribe to Premium for yourself, make sure you're signed in to the google account that you want to use - you can upgrade your main account if you want to.

At this point, you'll need a VPN to set to either India or Argentina. Argentina works out slightly cheaper if you'd prefer to save a few pennies, but either one works.

The best VPN to use is the Hola! browser extension for Chrome on your desktop. It's free and has access to both India and Argentina.

Get it here:…=en

NordVPN has some issues with this procedure but, apparently, if you set your location to Chennai in India, it'll work.

Once your VPN is active and you've selected your country, go to YouTube and look for the "YouTube Premium" option in the lefthand menu.

You'll see an option that says "Try it for Free" which will give you a month's free trial before you start paying for it.

Enter your card details - you can use a normal UK Debit card if you have one. If you have one, you can also use a fee-free card if you particularly want to save about 5p.

It'll ask you for your address details, so if you're using Argentina, you can go here :…ina

and copy and paste the details. It might offer an auto-completion of the address as you type so just accept whatever it gives you.

If you're using India, you can go here :…tor

Once you've pasted in the details, click "Buy" and you're good to go.

But I'm super generous and I want to share my Premium with family and friends

This is also possible, but it is vitally important that you create your family plan FIRST and get at least one person to accept your invitation. If you try and create it afterwards and then add people, you will get an error telling you that they're in a different country.

As you've signed up for Premium through either India or Argentina, your "payment profile" will be set to that country so this is why it will think your friends and/or family are in a different country because, technically, they are.

In a perfect world, you'll get everyone to accept before you sign up. It's not vital, but it would potentially save a headache.

If you don't have a family plan set up, start here:


Click "Get Started" and then "Create Family Group". Then you can start sending out invitations for people to join your group. Add each email and when you're ready to go, click "Send".

Once you get at least one acceptance, then you can go back to the top and follow the sign up procedure again. When you click the "YouTube Premium" option, you'll see an option towards the bottom that says "Or save money with a family membership".

Clicking on that will offer you the same one month trial and it will automatically detect that you've got a family membership set up as well, which is what you want.

Enter your payment details again and click "Buy" and you, and everyone else in your family plan, should all now have Premium.

Popular Questions:

Do I have to use my VPN all the time to watch videos or listen to music?
No. You just need your VPN to sign up.

I'm getting a message saying "Family Members Aren't In The Same Country".
Make sure you create your family plan first, before you do anything, and get at least one person to accept.

How do I fix the "Not in the same Country" Problem?
The most straightforward way is to create a new, separate account to use on YouTube and YouTube only. This has the added benefit of keeping your main account in the UK so you can take advantage of any offers you might see from Google.

Why can't you just use Vanced?
If you've got an Android phone then by all means use Vanced. Get it from the official site by googling for it since the moderators of HUKD have quite a stupid view of what constitutes piracy.

How many people can I have in my family plan ?. Can I invite a friend instead?
You can have six people in your plan and they don't automatically have to be family members. You can invite anyone with a gmail address. Google claims to check regularly that you're all in the same location but nobody on my family plan has had any problems and none of them live with me !
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