The HotUKDeals Darts Community Thread.

Posted 20th Oct
Noticed there's no real discussion community thread for the great sport of Darts (yes, it's a 'sport', I'd like to see you naysayers throw one treble 20 from 7 feet 9 inches away let alone three in a row), so created one here for all you Darts fans wherever you are!

PDC Tournament Schedule (the majority of tournaments are live on Sky Sports, mainly on the 'Arena' channel which is also available on the cheaper (and sometimes available for free from various sources) Sky Sports Now TV Mobile Pass (although there are many sub £3 Now TV Week Passes floating around with access to all the Sky Sports channels), but some tournaments are shown live on ITV4 and even the BBC like the PDC Champions League)…dar

BDO Tournament Schedule (the BDO World Championship is shown on BBC, not too sure about the other tournaments)…BDO
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Got to love the arrows
Stand up if you love the darts 🎯
Bring it back to the secc Glasgow and not the hydro
I don't see the point.
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