the hunt for Traveleeze Travel Sickness Tablets, can you help??

Found 3rd Mar 2014
My son suffers terribly from travel sickness and traveleeze is the only medicine that helps.

We've tried Joy Rides and Stugreon and he has still been sick with both.

I'm devestated to find out that this product is discontinued, particulary as we have 2 long haul flights this year.

Can you all do me a massive favour? next time you are in or passing your local pharmacy can you see if they have any? and if so could you purchase and I will pay + postage costs? I know its a lot to ask but I'm desperate.
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have you tried him with travel sickness bands & another medication? could work if you have a 2 pronged attack on it?
Can recommend travel sickness bands.
We have the same problem. Our children used to take Sea Legs and they worked brilliantly. For some reason they stopped making them! None of the other treatments work. Our eldest has mostly grown out if it now but our youngest still suffers.
Will keep an eye out, Greenhell.
Thanks for your responses. I've gone and ordered the bands along with ginger chews.

On further investigation it appears the american brand Bonine has the same active ingredents as Traveleeze therefore I have ordered a box of that from Amazon. He will be 12 in April and this medication is suitable for over 12s.

One of these is bound to help on our long haul flight!

Will keep an eye out, Greenhell.

Several years ago a doctor on a ship recommended Cinnarizine tablets when I was seasick. They helped and my adult son who gets car sick also finds they work

My son was terribly travel sick , until about 14 years old ,it was awful , I tried the lot of travel sickness pills , in the end I used to give him a drowsy antihistamine and only light snack and water , this seemed to help a bit travel was still a trial , I wondered as he got older wether he expected to feel unwell and used to give him a saccharin instead , this worked too but I do believe he had such a bad time with sickness he was v anxious about any travel at all .
Oh no I didn't know they have stopped making these tablets my son uses these and the only place I could get them from was sainsburys
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