The Hunt Is On... For A Gaming Laptop Bag/Case

Found 14th Jan 2013
Good Morning Hot Dealers,

I've been trying to find a capable case for transporting my laptop to gaming sessions… and I'm struggling. “Real bad”.

I currently rocking a 17.3” neoprene sleeve and carrying all the gear in a variety of bags… Which just isn’t cool enough. [LoL]

So, I'm looking for a solution.

I have looked at standard laptop bags – and where as they are a well and good – they don’t tend to have much space, yes you might squeak a mouse in (possibly) but gaming headphones? Pretty bulky

So I've been told about Gaming Backpacks, which sound great (and oZone do one that looked ideal… but is too small).

Can anyone find a bag/case/carry-thing to help out my predicament? Ill add the bits that I know (or have seen) in the next post.

Here’s what it needs to carry:

17.3” Laptop
Gaming Mouse (Which is quite ‘tall’ if that makes sense)
Gaming Headphones (Sennheiser PC360s)
Dell Charger Pack – which is quite cumbersome/large

Many thanks to anyone with crazy decent product knowledge of this gaming world
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Nicest/Prettiest/Most-Recognised-Brand Standard 17.3” Laptop Bag (but would not take headphones/mouse)
Samsonite V7609004 Network Laptop Bag For Notebooks Up To 17.3 Inch £25.84…011

Coolest BackPack/Box-Ticking-Bag (but not big enough to take a 17.3 laptop)
OZONE GAMING GEAR Gamers 16" Laptop Notebook Backpack Bag Sleeve 10 Compartments £25.90+P&P…709

[image missing]

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Shame it's a 17" laptop you have as I noticed this earlier....…rch
Shame... As I do like a bit of BF3 on the ol' Box.

But I think due to the goods, its needs to be such a niche item.

I dont think Id want my mouse/phones in the same compartment as the Laptop, as I can imagine them getting crunched.

I think it might come down to two bags, one for peripherals (which I can then add my gaming beverage of choice to etc) and just have a 17inch bag for it.

I like the Samsonite one, but some of the images (off Google Images) make it look really cheap.

The upper handle and the strap connectors just look like tat - but from such a prestigous company, I would have expected more.

If I do *have* to go the two-bag route, then Id look for a clamshell style 17inch case, but I have the extended battery on it, so its not perfectly flat - so I think thats ruined.


If only it were flat... and smaller... and I used earbuds...…spx?c=uk&category_id=5487&cs=ukdhs1&l=en&navla=67005~0~425450&nf=67005~0~425450&s=dhs&~ck=anav

Alienware bags
Hmmm… As much as they are über crae-crae expensive… They seem to be winning the race.

However, the 17 seems to have a depth of 21cm which is good… But I'm not sure if that is thick enough for laptop + headphones.

The 18 has a depth of 15!? So not how its thinner – but carries a bigger laptop – that kind of sucks.

Think I missed the boat though… Would have paid £50 [below], but the cheapest active listing is now £60+

I think, it does look like I'm going to have to get a BackPack style.
I think this ones the chicken dinner!

However, it does say “Compartment for holding laptops with up to 17” screens” which I think mine is, but on some of the paperwork I have, its called a 17.3 laptop.

Is that, the laptop is 17.3 inches and the screen is 17?

Is it an unwritten rule that 17 inch bags take 17.3 inch laptops?

Not sure of the overall thickness though… Would I get my headphones in there?

The video doesn’t really show much. Need a birds-eye-view of it really.…ags?cid=001%7CGoogle%7CNonBrand&keyword=%7Bkeyword%7D&matchtype=%7Bmatchtype%7D&mobile=%7Bifmobile:1%7D&content=%7Bifcontent:1%7D&search=%7Bifsearch:1%7D&creative=%7Bcreative%7D&adpos=%7Badposition%7D&gclid=CI2Vtc6P6LQCFcbLtAodtDsAuQ
Jeez Louise – that bag looks HUGE

…Its also incredibly “Jazzy”

It also looks a little flimsy in the pictures supplied.


I like the Astro ones, I forgot about them – I thought they only made headsets!

I think there’s a couple of winners on the horizon, I've searched around for cheapies – and sent some questions to keep myself covered (whether the headset would fit… whilst remaining fragile)

But ill keep looking… thanks so far for everyones help!


[image missing]


The Scout makes it easy to haul your Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 to LAN parties or safely transport a full-sized (17") gaming laptop; with over 2200 cubic inches of space, there's even plenty of room for your schoolbooks and Red-Bulls.

I've been on the hunt for a new bag for a while now too. I was using my Dell bag from 2005ish but it's getting to look embarrassing it's so tatty. It had a solid edge to the bag around the laptop compartment and it protected an old inspiron for 6 years so I've been looking for something similar.

[image missing]

So difficult to find anything that isn't flimsy, good luck!

Ended up going for the LanPck (not a mispelling, its meant to be missing the 'A')

Its £40 everywhere, including the same seller on eBay, but only £32.77 from them on Amazon.

They even refused my eBay offer of £33... which would have been better as I have all my PayPal funds sitting there.

The backpack seems ideal, space for laptop, keyboard, headdset, gear and other rubbish I decide to take!
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