The Hut and their delivery times?

Found 20th Jan 2010
I placed an order for Dragon Age Origins on the Hut website yesterday and I'm dying to get hold of the game because I have a little bit of time off work and I want to play it while I'm off.

Thing is, my estimated despatch date is a week away. That seems a little bit long to me.

Does anyone know if this is just a provisional date and they will deliver much sooner, or can I expect to wait over a week to get my game?

Thanks in advance.
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wrong section fella, in fact you'd be better off contacting The Hut.
Moved to MISC,

I ordered a few times from them in December (games/PSN points etc) & they were faster than play / amazon (miles faster than their sister site Zavvi) - items came within 48 hours, was suitably impressed. Not sure what they are like for other types of items in case they are sourced from elsewhere.

NB sometimes when the Hut group list delivery within a week it can sometimes mean they don't have stock - give them a call as suggested above.
Thanks sigma. I'll give them a call tomorrow morning.
I ordered borderlands from them last wed, they dispatched it on the thursday, but i'm still waiting for it to arrive, nearly a week & it's still not here!
The hut group, Zavvi, and one or 2 other companies - all send from the channel Islands - these take 4 days minimum for me - although HMV managed 2-4 day - depends on whether order is over a weekend - slows delivery.

Mymemory were 5 days with an 8am order time on Thurs last. (Jersey).

Pre Royal Mail disputes, my many orders in the Summer proved amazon/indigostarfish to be the best - 2 days average. Hmv around 4. Zavvi 4 days. Hut/Zavvi 4 days. Ebay and ama marketplace sellers can also send on the day of the order - can arrive next day!

If in stock these are minimums - if awaiting supplies, could take longer.

I'm sure if you lived in the Outer Hebrides, it may be a tad slower, but a week sounds average in this industrial climate.
Decided to cancel and go with Amazon with first class delivery.
Having finished DA:O I wouldn't bother its very babyish game mechanics, too short and very linear.
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