The and Quidco and a 10% off voucher... Should i risk it??

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Found 16th Oct 2008
I want a £36 boxset, with voucher i can get it to £33, should i risk quidco and see if i can get another 5% off, ive heard it can go pear shaped and forever never track on quidco if you try to use it with a voucher...

Opinions and experiences please

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you got nothing to lose if it dont track

if you use the 10% code, you won't get cashback (quidco), it will be declined later on, that's from my own personal experience - end of story.

i don't know about quidco but i did this at topcashback and got discount and cashback

can confirm i have ordered atleast 10 items this year, mostly with vouchers- and quidco has never been declined.

go for it

I wouldn't give THE HUT the time of day with any Quidco purchases ... they've stiffed me twice this year with their so called Quidco offers & not paid up either time so personally I won't ever use them again.

They said I used another affiliate when the queries were submitted, yet I use the same process for all my orders & everyone else has paid up their Quidco just fine & dandy thank you !

The customer service just didn't want to know & it took me three attempts just to get my account closed ... bunch of wasters !!

They declined my last 3 via quidco, all 3 orders were in conjunction with a discount voucher
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