The I-Company: Are They Reliable.

    Well, I saw this the other day in the Metro where this company called "The I Company" were selling…tml the iPod Nano (8GB) for £99.99 . This seems to be a very good deal, but I want to know if anyone has ever bought from this site before as I have doubts as to whether they are a legit website/shop. They seem to be selling the XBOX360, but are advertising the picture of the orginal XBOX.
    So, anyone shopped from them before? Are they legit?

    Thanks in advance.


    I think these are the people who had a quarter-page ad in the Sun last week too- it immediately struck me as the scammers having stepped up one heck of a level! No MOPS on the ad, the newspapers really have no real necessity or ability to check out the advertisers (although if it is a scam, i'm sure Murdoch will see heads roll for it) so it's 50/50.

    Even at retail the ipod will fly off the shelves at this time of year. What would make a company sell at under RRP?

    Looked very scammy to me. iPods below retail and Sim-Free iPhones for a £100 markup. (didn't know the UK ones were unlockable yet). And an X-Box picture in place of a 360. No postal address made the alarm bells louder

    From the advert everything is imported (hence the unlocked iphones) and that's why prices are cheap. Quite how they anticipate avoiding import duties...
    There are some stupid, stupid people trying to trade into the UK at the moment. I had to attend a meeting a few weeks ago when a Chinese man was trying to rent a city centre unit costing £4000 a month whilst having no deposit or even- as we could ascertain- any capital. 'I pay you when I get money' doesn't really cut it.... anyway, o/t.
    Pay the extra £13 and get it from amazon. Use an amazon link from here and the site will get eight quid or so- money well spent.
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