The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnasuss

    Anyone seen it yet?

    what are your thoughts???


    Thought it was excellent, no idea where it was going at times which is very refreshing from the usual predictable film plots.

    First I've seen Andrew Garfield, great actor and sure we'll see more of him in years to come. Was a bit unsure of Colin Farrel but like the rest of the cast fitted the role perfectly.

    Only downside was the trailer would lead you to believe the visuals are better than they actually are.

    All in all one of the best films i've seen in ages - go see!!!!

    This is a taster for Don Quixote - if it's ever finished (started again?) without Gilliam dying or going totally insane. All his movies have a a lot going for them. Some critics have called this movie flawed, but the usual visual treats mean it may be one of the few new films I will see this year.
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