"The Interview" movie - what did you think?

Found 25th Dec 2014
Just finished watching it, I thought it was okay personally. Good in places, boring in others... (Merry Christmas all btw)

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name and address please

kim jung un


I've wrote a song about it, it needs to be sung to the tune of "so this is Christmas"

and so this is christmas
and what have you done
i watched the interview from sony
and now my internet don't run

Dear Kim Jung Un,

Many thanks for trying to save us from this hyped up pile of S*** (PS the *'s doesn't spell SONY).

Please take my advice and don't waste your time, watch the trailer its the best bit.

A caring friend (PPS no affiliation to "The KJU Corporation")

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I watched it today. Thought it was OK. Watchable, funny in some parts but not a movie I'd ever watch again.


Not worthy of my time.

It just made me really want to go to North Korea,

Until they found out what he was really like..... he was lucky to get a puppy though

Good movie but not worth the hype!! Just a one time watch.

I thought it was good.. was funny.. but over hyped.. really just a film about taking the **** out of the dictator

I liked it. A little too long possibly, and very predictable, but it is what it is.

One of the worse films i've watched. The film will do well because of what happend but very.poor imo.

How did you guys get it? Id like to see it (have ipad, not jailbroken).
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