The JFK's Mega Money Giveaway Competition - £200 - Entries Must Be In By 10.30pm GO!!

Found 12th Mar 2009
I'm giving £200 away to one lucky member.

To enter the competition simply post in this thread.

The winner will be notified by 11pm tonight.

Any entires after 10.30pm will not be counted.


Major life fail!
- dcx_badass

£200 for passing GO, looks like your all in for some Monopoly money!!
- MikeBeaver

Money money money, in a rich man's world...oh what, what?
- dcx_badass

I can write here!
- phatboy123

Please Sir, Can I Have Some More .. 50% of all REAL money will go to Comic Relief!
- Disco

Can I have £250?
- Foxy102


lol this should be fun.


hmmm lol

im in, if this is real........

Comic relief will benefit --- even more :thumbsup:

Sounds too good to be true but will have a go:|

im in!!x

I need something to post ... anyone!

Count me in please

Count me in please, could do with £200

I bet it gets spammed at 10:29 ... lol


How are you gonna pay by Paypal gift? Worth a try, I'm in

Comic relief could do with an extra £200 form me, i'm in. Not like i'm going to win though

im in

me too please!

interesting! i'm in!

Im in, wheres BG1 aint seen him for time


I bet it gets spammed at 10:29 ... lol

ha ha never even made it until 8.:thumbsup:

give it to someone who needs it ie charity !!!


ha ha never even made it until 8.:thumbsup:

Soil sports ...

lol mods need to post list of peeps who spammed and expired


lol, Expired - didn't even give it a chance!! :roll: lol

Ellooooooooo! Im in


me tooo please

Seeing as it would be a waste of time to repost due to spam happy fingers out there why not just give the dosh to Red Nose and post a pic of the cheque, (minus account details!) :thinking:

And a list of the aforesaid spammers /expirer's would be nice too



Because he can :stocking:


200 quid sounds good to me

In before JFK spams the thread..........

whats the catch?

but count me in...


Count me in

Yo I could really do with the cash

worth a try


yes please

this should be fun. im in

woop woop

People who normally 'hate' are 'in'? Confusing.
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